it wasn’t about the money?

I received this anonymously in my inbox today thought that readers might like to take a look.

Some Points of interest…

I thought the three MPs originally said it wasn’t about the money?

But in the email the wording used “going to use all means available to us” to get the money, clearly this is a direct threat of action, again at what cost by who and by what means? and they are only giving “SOME” money received to charities?

Again we see just how power loving money grabbing Greed hungry these Mps really are…

We saw yesterday the lengths the MPs will go to, with MP John Healey’s researcher contacting MEP Jane Collins staff for information on the court case, this isn’t parliamentary business is it?

greed (grēd) n.

An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth:

“Many … attach to competition the stigma of selfish greed”…(Henry Fawcett).

Regards Anonymouse



3 thoughts on “it wasn’t about the money?

  1. If I had been the client, and with that Order and Judgement from Mr Justice Warby, I would have expected nothing less from my solicitors. I’d have sued them for negligence if they hadn’t followed through promptly.

    I note that J Warby was appointed yesterday to preside over the Media and Communications List of judges ie he’s seen as the top judge in defamation and media cases. Therefore, it seems very unlikely that he’s got either the proceedings or the judgement wrong.


  2. But you’re not an elected politician on record saying the action was exclusively about publicly restoring your reputation rather than money.

    Reputation was supposedly vindicated with the award in open court and the platform from which to publicise it.

    Judges make mistakes. Since Art. 10 has reared its head as a point for interpretation any appeal could go on for years.


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