Petition launched for new police station in South Yorkshire

An online petition has been launched calling for a new police station in South Yorkshire.

Around 770 people have signed the petition, which calls for a station to serve Dinnington and Anston in Rotherham.

Resident Tim Wells, who launched the petition, suggested that some of the cash used to run the office of South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, could be used to fund the station.

The role of the PCC is to oversee the way South Yorkshire Police is run, funded and performs.

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9 thoughts on “Petition launched for new police station in South Yorkshire

  1. This is how stupid RMBC are with regards to this situation, the police station is closed, it belongs to SYP. We in Dinnington are to have foisted on us 1300 houses, this will attract a Community infrastructure levy payment to RMBC for every house built. RMBC have what they call their 123 list, which is a list of projects that they will spend the money on, it has on it to expand the Dinnington police station. Billings has closed it because he doesn’t want his little darlings being in and cold and drafts old police station. So he refuses to man it and RMBC are going to expand it. Why?
    Dave Smith


  2. I don’t think any of us want to see Police officers in stations, we want them out there on the beat or driving around in cars to surrounding villages. However rather than having massive complex’s on industrial estates, they need smaller stations feeding communities of 25,000 across SY. These stations need to be in places accessible to the general public 24/7. The person on the desk doesn’t even need to be an officer it could be a civilian member of staff. These could be very small modern buildings, with parking for the cars of the officers when they arrive at work and to store police cars when not being used. This will ensure that officers spend as little time as possible driving from centralised stations and are showing a visible presence in our communities at all time. I am sure that the Dinnington police station land could be sold off to pay for a new modern station.


  3. This is a ridiculous suggestion. You can’t spend the same money twice. Either you’re spending it on a staffed building, waiting for Messrs Smith or Wells to call in to discuss the latest example of a chip-paper dropped in the street, OR you spend it on police officers out in the community.

    Most service companies and organisations are cutting their building costs and increasing their IT as a way of getting the best value. Why should the opposite be true in the police force? There’s no evidence to support that.

    Perhaps Messrs Smith and Wells could produce a business case for their proposal?


  4. Typical of dear Janet can’t put together a structured alternative argument so has to insult the intelligence of people and make it personal. It may have escaped your notice but we have had two murders shops ram raided, crime rate escalating and you Green bring it down to the level of chip papers in the street. Don’t bother replying to this with your puerile crap because I won’t be around to read it.
    Dave Smith


  5. Janet Green. The mistake was building such a big station at Maltby, rather than having three smaller modern stations at Dinnington, Maltby and Aston. This would better disperse police across Rotherham south and provide the local policing that we are requesting. South Yorkshire police know how to waste money and reduce the service at the same time.


  6. Dave /Tim I would save your breath this Janet Green is just a Labour sound bite who recons to know all about everything and always defends Labour Politicians choose what they do
    But in reality knows Jack S–t about owt


    • What puzzles me Caven is that Alan Billings failed for four years and the public re-elected him. The whole PCC thing is pointless anyway, the £250K a year would be better spent elsewhere.


  7. Tim
    Rotherham Labour Coucil failed, and still are Two Labour Police commissioners failed and still are
    Labour fail the people but they still vote for them unbelievable beats me ??


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