South Yorkshire detective ‘failed to investigate child sex abuse claims’

A detective at scandal-hit South Yorkshire Police faces possible dismissal after being accused of failing to investigate claims two girls had been sexually assaulted by their step-father nearly a decade ago.

Detective Constable Vivienne Rose-Bottom will appear before a misconduct hearing over the claim that in 2007 she did not conduct an investigation into the allegations and failed to protect the girls and their young brother.

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3 thoughts on “South Yorkshire detective ‘failed to investigate child sex abuse claims’

  1. This is a serious allegation against DC Rose-Bottom however It could also be that she knew if she did follow procedures nothing would happen.
    From the link: ‘This meant that in Sheffield, officers trying to deal with grooming were “seriously under-resourced” and when they asked their bosses for help, their requests “appear to have fallen on deaf ears”.
    Is the DC’s immediate supervisor facing disciplinary proceedings? If not, why not?

    I do not condone her actions but IMV she is a scapegoat for the failings of SYP who,at the time, didn’t give a carrot for young victims of abuse because they did not want to upset the status quo or A Certain Councillor.


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