Labour Bill To Deal With Cuts’ Unequal Impact

‘Budgets should work for all’ says Champion

LABOUR pledged yesterday to introduce new laws to tackle the particular impacts of economic inequality and austerity on women.

Ahead of next week’s Budget, shadow women and equalities minister Sarah Champion made the call for “a budget that works for all,” investing in jobs for women and preserving the public services that help them.

Ms Champion said that since 2010 the Treasury has clawed 86 per cent of its austerity savings from tax and benefit changes from women. Labour said it would introduce an economic equality Bill prioritising the needs of women before making new economic policies.

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3 Responses to Labour Bill To Deal With Cuts’ Unequal Impact

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Let me think……………..Are there more important issues Ms.Champion should concentrate on?
    CSE/ FGM/Forced marriages/Encouraging retailers to re locate to Rotherham/Eastwood.
    That should do for starters.

  2. 1st Time User says:

    The reason 86% of savings are clawed back from women seem obvious to me … when a relationship breaks down the women tends more often than not to be left holding the baby and added to being given housing if she is unemployed …claims more than the man that is the other half of the broken relationship rebate, council tax rebate, school dinners and many more etc.. if on the other hand she works she may get help with all above plus child care allowance … also even successful relationships women claim the bulk of benefits child tax credits , family allowance etc etc … so I think I am right in assuming that women overall claim more than men … its just how it is … So Ms Champion has either not given it much thought and just set off on a mission to get higher up the greasy pole …or she is plain stupid and should not be doing the job she is doing.

  3. Shadrack says:

    The latter i think

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