Are Civil Servants collecting campaign funds for Labour Group?

Labour Cllrs pay about 5% (50-60 quid) a month from their basic allowance into the Labour group central fund. That is why the central fund is so big at election time and they can afford full time campaign staff and all the literature.

1. The money is deducted and redistributed at source. Civil servants ( taxpayer paid) are effectively collecting campaign funds for Labour Group. Surely the redistribution of funds is a party political affair and should be undertaken outside the council or the council should be billing Labour group for performing this service for group.

2. Labour group members are compelled to pay part of their allowance to be members of a political grouping., a) is this legal? b) is this ethical, given Lab party cllrs pay their subs?

Just a thought……


10 thoughts on “Are Civil Servants collecting campaign funds for Labour Group?

  1. ‘Civil servants ( taxpayer paid) are effectively collecting campaign funds for Labour Group’
    What is the difference between money being collected for the Labour party at source and money being collected for Trades Unions at source?


    • T/U money is not deducted from employee pay packets at source- as is NI contributions, tax and pension. T/U contributions are notmally paid up via direct debit. There may be an option to pay at source with some u ions but nevertheless a company’s payroll team doing this task is rather different to a taxpayer paid civil servant ( ‘politically neutral’) deducting a political levy as one would statutory contributions and depositing the money in lump into a campaign fund; a fund 100% focused on the area in which the said civil servants are working. RMBC workers oversee the deposit of around 30-50k into a Rotherham labour accounts.


    • RMBC salaries/wages department is run and staffed by people paid for by local taxpayers.
      Whilst not ‘Civil Servants’ as such LA employees are servants of the public and are therefore employees of the state.
      My point is what is the difference between a Civil Servant collecting dues and a Public Employee collecting dues?


      • The civil servant is in a role that prohibits overt political alliance, political campaigning when at work and using their position to advance a political cause. This is especially relevant when civil servants are dealing with elected members of different parties. LA employees are still bound by these principles; transgressions may even be illegal in certain instances….So when the council is in purdah, LA employes, still calculate the councillors monthly allowance payment, deduct money and deposit it in a party political campaign fund.

        The key difference for me is that individuals themselves pay union fees and union employees oversee the administration of it at their end.


  2. Taxpayers should not be funding political parties.The towns Labour councillors have around 5.5% of their allowances taken from them and given back to the party.
    This funds and fights their election seats be it by elections, local and general this is not a clean playing field, independent and other local candidates don’t have the resources Labour have.
    The Labour candidates don’t have to pay for election material out of their own pockets because it is the Rotherham tax payer paying for theirs taxpayers’ money should not be used in this way. I believe that
    all candidates should stand as independents, or under a party banner without any political party backing the public “are treated like dirt” Council taxpayers should not be funding political parties.“The public should know more about this Councillors could argue it’s their money but it’s still public money that’s being spent to get them re-elected People should know this is the case. I don’t think it’s right and it should not happen.“Councillors should not be made to pay to fund a political party this money is funding party political propaganda.
    I don’t want my money spent on Labour councillors re-elections and I know many others would think the same.
    Counsillors and upcoming candiates need to stop and think about what their doing and think more about the people they wish to represent, and not their parties, because local politics like national politics has just become a party political broadcast. Engaging people in politics should be done in a professional level playing field, but it’s not at the minute. We need to revolutionise politics and engage people, and be more based in the community and working on behalf of residents, not the party, we can’t while money is playing a big part.
    If the Labour councillors are receiving enough to be able to pass it on to their party, then they should consider paying that amount back to the council to be used on more deserving local causes.
    If people choose to give money in order to contribute to running a party, then so be it, but not in this way.


  3. Like it or loathe it, Labours campaign pot will be bigger in Rotherham – the problem is that Labour party staff should be collecting this money, not ratepayer funded council staff at RMBC payroll department, free of charge.


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