Funding site launched after Hillsborough families ordered to pay costs of ex-Yorkshire police chief

A CROWDFUNDING site has been set up for Hillsborough families ordered to pay the costs of the former South Yorkshire Police chief constable following a legal hearing.

David Crompton was asked to resign from his position as chief constable of the force by Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings following the verdict of the Hillsborough inquests, which found 96 Liverpool FC fans were unlawfully killed on April 15 1989.

Mr Crompton is seeking a judicial review at the High Court, which is due to be heard on March 28 and 29.

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This Guardian piece explains what happened:

This is where readers can contribute to their costs:

2 thoughts on “Funding site launched after Hillsborough families ordered to pay costs of ex-Yorkshire police chief

  1. Sounds to me like another “Legal stitch up” to protect Crompton from damaging evidence from the families ! What reason was given by the Judges for refusing their applications ?? Anyone out there know ?


  2. I can’t find the judgement, but from the passages quoted in news the application was refused because the evidence was not relevant to the proceedings. The judicial review can only examine the information on which PCC Billings made his decision (which had to be submitted to HMCIC, disclosed to Crompton in order for him to respond and then put before the SYPCP for scrutiny). If Billings did not have this evidence at the time then it cannot have contributed to his decision to order Crompton to resign.

    The Court would probably also consider such evidence irrelevant if the 5 were not residents of South Yorkshire since the justification given by Billings was that the statement “other contributory factors” had substantially eroded SY public confidence in Crompton and the SYP.

    It was probably also submitted by Crompton that the matter of distressing lines of questioning at the inquest had been raised by the families at the time but Goldring LJ considered it to be appropriate. This point has also been made by HMCIC.

    As for costs; it is the usual practice for the losing party to bear the costs of the other side. They will likely have been asked to withdraw their application in advance of the hearing. £28,000 for a hearing like this in London is fairly normal (note recent case of Barron & ors v Collins in which the final hearing alone came to over £100,000) and sadly the status of the families as victims of a previous gross miscarriage of justice is not a valid reason to refuse to award costs in these completely separate proceedings.


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