MP John Healey asks government for budget help for steel industry

WENTWORTH and Dearne MP John Healey has called on the government to pledge support for the steel industry in this week’s Budget.

Earlier this month, Mr Healey welcomed an agreement for Tata to sell their South Yorkshire Specialty Steels operation — including plants in Rotherham — to Liberty House Group.

He said it should be a big step in securing steel-making in South Yorkshire for the long-term.

But Mr Healey said government support was needed and he has called on the Industry Minister Nick Hurd to ensure backing for the steel industry is Wednesday’s Budget.

Read on…,mp-john-healey-asks-government-for-budget-help-for-steel-industry_21782.htm


2 thoughts on “MP John Healey asks government for budget help for steel industry

  1. Another soundbite from a europhile Labour MP.
    Healey voted ‘Remain’ and knows-or should know- the only state aid allowed for steel makers under EU legislation is help with energy costs and R&D.
    ‘Under EU rules, public investment in companies carrying on economic activities can be considered free of state aid provided the investment is made on terms which would be acceptable to a private investor operating under normal market conditions (the market-economy investor principle – MEIP). Public investment that fails to comply with the MEIP constitutes state aid under EU law (Article 107 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union – TFEU) as it gives the beneficiary an economic advantage over its competitors.’

    Does Healey want more money for the NHS or subsidies to steel plants?


  2. Healey will know the budget will have been set and agreed at this stage so all he is doing like every thing he does is jump on the band wagon and Sound Bite
    Pity he was not as enthusiastic in calling for a enquiry into CSE when asked by a constituant in 2012 after the Times reported on it


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