South Yorkshire child abuse probe finds ‘serious failings’ but no police misconduct

The police watchdog looking into the child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham has found ‘significant failings’ in nine cases but no evidence of officer misconduct.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it has identified ‘significant failings’ in the way victims of abuse and alleged perpetrators were treated.

The IPCC is looking at allegations involving 91 named police officers in the biggest inquiry it has undertaken outside its investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster.

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91 police officers under investigation over handling of Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

NINE investigations into South Yorkshire Police officers’ handling of child sex abuse in Rotherham have concluded the officers involved have “no case to answer” despite finding “significant failings”.

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Rotherham abuse scandal probe now investigating 91 officers

More than 90 current and former South Yorkshire Police officers are under investigation over the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal – with some potentially facing criminal charges.

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IPCC ends nine Rotherham scandal inquiries despite ‘significant failings’ being uncovered

Nine investigations into allegations of police misconduct over the Rotherham scandal have ended with ‘no case to answer’ – despite serious failings being uncovered.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission revealed today that of the 62 investigations it has set up into police failings over the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, all nine to be completed so far have resulted in no action being taken against officers.

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Rotherham abuse case: Misconduct inquiry centres on 30 officers

Investigations into how 30 police officers handled child sex abuse complaints in Rotherham have begun, the police watchdog said.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said 211 allegations were made against 91 officers over corruption and failure to act.

Of those identified 30 will be formally investigated, the watchdog said.

Nine of the 62 inquiries to date have been completed and found no evidence of police misconduct, it added.

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9 thoughts on “South Yorkshire child abuse probe finds ‘serious failings’ but no police misconduct

  1. Let’s be clear here, despite almost 1400+ young girls being raped, abused and suffering the mist horrendous crimes, the IPCC, has only found minor inconveniences, in Police procedures? Can’t wait for their explanation, should be interesting hearing their excuses. Perhaps the Pakistani Peaos were right, they never really did anything wrong!!!


    • “It was important to us for this not to be a scapegoating exercise of junior officers because we have found that sometimes they were doing stuff that was not right or they were simply not taking action, but this had more to do with the culture in the force at the time.”


      Nobody’s fault – it’s the culture!

      This has got to be a new low, total lack of accountability


  2. Lets be also looking in to the failings of RMBC councillors they’ll probably get away with it as well. What a Whitewash


  3. If the IPCC do not get their finger out we can only expect that another cover up is occurring ! If certain Cllrs and Officers do not get prosecuted for their failings in protecting children then the famous statement “We own the Council etc etc may be proven to be true ! Sod upsetting minorities and do your job UPCC or Rotherham is finished forever !


  4. As I understand it, one person was caught engaging in in a sexual act with a minor by a policeman, the offender said “she’s sucking my c**k mate”, and instead of arresting him the policeman went away. On another occasion a man was caught in a car with a minor with pornographic photos of the child on his phone, and again was let go without being arrested. f this is not police misconduct I don’t know what is.


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  6. The procedures for liaising between police and LA Childrens Services were established in the late 90s. They were then clarified and streamlined in 08/9. If officers were so poorly trained as to pose a risk to the welfare of the child by action or inaction it would still represent child abuse under s. 10 or 11 of the children act and therefore misconduct. Abuse as a result of incompetence is still abuse.


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