Rotherham registers strong opposition to HS2 route revisions

“Rotherham is not served at all by the proposals, but suffers the devastating impact of the line.” That’s the official response from Rotherham Council on the revised HS2 route through South Yorkshire.

The Government is minded to approve a new proposed route between Birmingham and Leeds, switching from a route into a new station at Sheffield Meadowhall with a new option that proposes that HS2 services between London and Sheffield would take a spur off the new north-south high speed line and travel directly to the existing Sheffield Midland station using the existing railway line.

Consultation ended yesterday on the HS2 line to Leeds that would travel east of Rotherham following the M1 and M18 before heading through the Dearne Valley.

The reply from Cllr. Chris Read, leader of Rotherham Council outlines the reasons why his authority continues to back the Meadowhall option and not support the proposal to amend the route.

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HS2 route “is the option nobody wanted”

HS2 has been accused of using “sleight of hand” to justify major changes to the proposed high speed rail route through South Yorkshire.

Councils and MPs in South Yorkshire have launched a last-ditch attempt to stop HS2’s plan to radically alter the route and move the area’s proposed station from Meadowhall to Sheffield city centre.

Doncaster Council has now submitted a 23-page analysis of the revised plan to HS2 Ltd, the Government-owned company behind the new rail line, claiming it will cost more money, create fewer jobs, lead to longer journey times and fewer trains.

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HS2 delay feared after rival bidder fights award of work to US firm

Crucial High Speed Two design and planning could be delayed for months after it was confirmed that the recent appointment of an American consultancy to a key project management role has come under legal challenge.

Leading British engineering firm Mace, the underbidder on the lucrative job to deliver the second phase of the £55 billion scheme, said that it is still in talks with HS2 Ltd, the Department for Transport agency running the project, over CH2M’s appointment. Sources said that lawyers from both sides “are all over” Mace’s challenge.

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3 thoughts on “Rotherham registers strong opposition to HS2 route revisions

  1. I’m wholly against the rotten idea be it in Rotherham or Cornwall. Its the wrong move to waste billions. I’m pleased RMBC have said ‘No’.


  2. Fully agree with Paddy.

    Better late than never. Its also not about nimbyism by palming off onto other communities.

    HS2 will suck life from the north.
    Its a vanity project for politicians and business people where the time savings are minimal and likely to be out of reach for the many.

    The money should be invested in better, more affordable public transport including opening up rail network to more villages.


  3. We will resist as long as we can in the Colne Valley, Hillingdon West London and ask you to support us and join us. Hillingdon in Community Forum Areas 6 and 7 will ‘lose’ 300 acres of ecologically diverse habitats. This includes nature reserves, wet woodland and thousands of rare and protected species. There is a proposed tunnel under London and one under some of the Chilterns, we are in the middle and get all the tunnel spoil, work compounds, electricity substations, access roads, lorry parks etc etc. As we are inside the M25 and near Heathrow we already have illegally polluted air. Now HS2 want to chop down thousands of our trees in the Colne Valley wetlands changing our ways of life and environment forever. This not wanted by any. We gain no benefits. The world has Climate change so HS2 must be stopped.


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