Camera situation “unbelievable”

I COULD not believe what I was reading in the Advertiser on February 3 about  the taxi driver Stephen Newby who had a passenger who fled without paying. When the police requested footage from his CCTV camera they were told no one could access the footage because the person who knew how to do it was on maternity leave. Unbelievable!!

Read on…,letter-camera-situation-unbelievable_21812.htm


6 thoughts on “Camera situation “unbelievable”

  1. I find it difficult to believe SYP does not have any tech savvy people on their payroll who know how to retrieve information from CCTV or download from an SD card.


    • The police do have the tech, but us taxis only have a short period of time in which to retrieve the footage in some cases 14 days, the police did say that if it was a serious crime the footage would be taken off by them. The issue here is not the police who was brilliant in this situation but the council who are still having issues. Passing the book is a way of life in rotherham its time the council took responsibility for the lack of action they take, now the council has allowed out of town taxis to operate here in rotherham without CCTV? No one understands why the councils making rules to break them.


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