Time to get a grip on fly-tipping, Eastwood mosque officials tell council

MOSQUE officials have called for council chiefs to get a gripping on the fly-tipping plaguing their neighbourhood after the latest unwelcome delivery of rubbish on their doorstep.

Sabir Hussain, secretary of the Russell Street Mosque in Eastwood, spoke out after a whole double bed, a fridge and freezer and other waste were fly-tipped in the car park on Tuesday.

“It’s a persistent problem which has been going on for years,” he said.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,time-to-get-a-grip-on-flytipping-eastwood-mosque-officials-tell-council_21842.htm

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15 Responses to Time to get a grip on fly-tipping, Eastwood mosque officials tell council

  1. Time for a change says:

    Now they know how we feel,we don’t like a delivery of RUBBISH on our doorstep.

    • Paddy Cawkwell says:

      Ever followed your own advice?

      • Time for a change says:

        Bend over Pady,but make sure you are facing East

      • Yorkshire Tea says:

        Think you are missing the point.

        Eastwood already has extra grey bins issued and emptied as well as the enjoyment of a dedicated full time street cleaner. Eastwood also has its own dedicated police force. All of which are very expensive resources funded by the rest of us but the services are not provided to the rest of us.

        The mosques need to show leadership in educating the community in which they live and are based rather than crying ‘help’ and blaming every body else.

        That luxury isn’t afforded to any other community so it’s over to you Mr Hussein.

  2. big bird . says:

    put crap in your house’s expect crap on your doorstep its a own goal . how many landlords use Russell st mosque ?

    • Paddy Cawkwell says:

      Whats that got to do with it?

      How many people who fly tip go to church…? Who knows or cares.

      Its illegal.

      • big bird . says:

        let me try and educate you paddy . the bulk of the fly tipping in Eastwood is done by the Roma/Slovak which live in house’s owned by Pakistani landlords which use the russell st mosque . the landlords knew years back which way Eastwood was going its no good mr sabir crying about his car park now .

  3. Shadrack says:

    Well that’s it then problem solved ! The Mosque says jump the council says how high. Let the Asian community get upset and something will get done. Pity the Mosque officials were’nt as quick to come out and condemn the grooming and raping of our little white girls for over 20 years.
    But let a double bed, fridge and freezer get dumped and that’s just one step too far. Bet somethings done within the next few weeks shame on you council for letting things get this serious

  4. Guest says:

    I hate it when people make comments about well respected pillars of the community.
    Mr sahir (sabirs takeaway)and tareq (eurocabs) are well respected landlords of the Eastwood area and run their business like any up straight member of the community whether asian or white,

    Mrs Qureshi
    Mr Abbasi
    Mr Shoukat Ali
    And last but not leat good old Mr Akhtar.

    I rest my case.

  5. Linda Wheeler says:

    I feel sorry for the full time Eastwood street cleaner !!!!!

  6. Colin Tawn says:

    ‘Remember…………………… last but not leat good old Mr Akhtar’
    I remember him,what he did and why he had to resign as a councillor. What reasons do you have to remember him?

  7. Jimmybob says:

    He’s is complaing about the mosque car park. What a joke. The mess will be made by a tenant who lives in a house owned by one his relatives. They landlords are part responsible as they let any scum live in their houses without and background checks. The council are responsible too as they don’t act quick enough and don’t prosecute or punish fly tippers. Rmbc as always like to pass blame

  8. Albion says:

    Why spend money on having the contents of your rented slum disposed by an approved contractor who will supply the relevant documentation, when you can dump the rubbish next to the Mosque and have RMBC Street Pride and Love Where You Live volunteers come along and remove it FOC.
    A suggestion, this Friday when the Mosque is full of Eastwood landlords ask them very politely to report who is dumping the rubbish to RMBC.
    Stunned silence.

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