3 thoughts on “Former Lord Speaker admits dropping inquiry into peers’ allowance claims

  1. If this woman has the names she MUST publish them. Surely keeping a taxi running whilst the Peer nips in to sign the register to get the £300 allowance is tantamount to fraud ! It is long past the time to abolish the Upper House and reform it in it’s entirety !


  2. This government has said it’s willing to look at the numbers but cannot consider anything else with Brexit ongoing – they’ve always got an excuse. Blair’s 1997 government had a mandate for major reform of the Lords, but all he did was get rid of some of the hereditary peers and then didn’t touch the issue again. This was because as we all now know, he and Lord levy were selling peerages.
    When the Lords move out of Westminster for the refurbishment they should bot move back in.
    It’s time to abolish them and have a much smaller, fully elected second chamber. It is claimed the people in the Lords have a lot of expertise in different fields this maybe so, but if they want to be in the legislature, it should not exclude them from having to stand for election.


  3. I watched the programme “house of Lords” last night. Lady D`Souza seemed to suggest that numerous Lords were “at it”. She then seemed to go on to say she would not do anything about it in case it damaged the reputation of the House of Lords. So its ok to commit fraud, as long as we look good in front of the Public.
    That`s my interpretation from what saw.


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