Spot the signs to beat child sexual exploitation

PEOPLE are being asked the spot the signs to mark Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day this weekend.

South Yorkshire Police and partner agencies want the public to know the signs of exploitation and hope the initiative will help.

There have been a range of activities across the district ahead of CSE Awareness Day on Saturday.

On Monday, a series of pink spots were installed across the region’s town and city centres and people are being urged to spot them.

Read on…,spot-the-signs-to-beat-child-sexual-exploitation_21886.htm

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One Response to Spot the signs to beat child sexual exploitation

  1. Linda Wheeler says:

    Spotting the signs is not the difficult bit. Parents may be better qualified than Rotherham police in ‘spotting’ this kind of stuff going on under their noses. Getting the authorities to act is the problem bit…. Rotherham police have got a cheek presuming they are educating parents and public on this one…They (Parents) probably already know how to smell a rat.
    History shows asking the general public to engage themselves in playing amatuer sleuth can have have disastrous consequences for innocent families.
    To be sure there is always someone close to the child who knows something bad is going on. The next step is for parents and relatives to have confidence the authorities will get their A into G and follow it up immediately …Perhaps Rotherham parents could respond thus. “We’ll do our job; you do yours……’

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