Steve Uncles jailed after English Democrats regional leader submitted fake nomination forms

A disgraced far-right activist has been jailed today for cheating the election system by submitting fraudulent nomination forms.

English Democrats regional leader Steven Uncles used fictitious names such as Anna Cleves – a play on the name of Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, who lived in Dartford – and Rachelle Stevens – referred to by a judge as “the lady from S Club 7”.

The 53-year-old local politician, who has since resigned from the post, was convicted last month of seven charges of using a false instrument with intent and two of causing or permitting a false statement to be included in a nomination form.

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3 thoughts on “Steve Uncles jailed after English Democrats regional leader submitted fake nomination forms

  1. I’m shocked…but not surprised.

    What is it about the members of these right-wing parties, like the ED, BNP and UKIP, who persistently claim to sit on the moral high ground, but persistently demonstrate their contempt for high standards and the law?


    • Janet,
      You know as well as I do that they attract a whole load of utter-nutters (just look around you here on Rothpol),
      … and they don’t have the central organisations with the procedures or policies in place to weed them out from standing for office. If they can’t run themselves how could they run even a UK Parish Council or …
      … even a Kebele – they are seriously well run (but you might have to look up the meaning of that word in Wikipedia)?

      (I do have much time for the UKIP Councillors here in Rotherham – they provide a very necessary Opposition, and I welcome that. But where are the younger members coming through – far too many old men.

      (and please lay off Caven, he doesn’t deserve it).

      Just about any day in the life of UKIP nationally:
      (The linky will work for any day of the year – but the story doesn’t change) .

      Reg Reader


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