More apparent labour abuse of email system?

An Anonymous contributor though we might be interested in the example of apparent misuse of the Council email system for political purposes?

Or does this show something else?

See previous:

Abuse of the Council email system

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Denise Lelliott evidently cannot see the difference between her Council role from his labour party role, apologies to Brian Steele for my mistake. I am grateful to our anonymous spotter for this exchange: .


12 thoughts on “More apparent labour abuse of email system?

  1. Atkin is now a lackey to fire chiefs also.
    The guy who shuts our fire stations down
    Supports pfi deals and pay officers unauthorised overtime payments

    His tongue must be pretty brown?


  2. Oh yes its another well paid cushy number for the puppet master fire chief arm to be up atkins jacksie. Whilst he puts 2 fingers up to the brigade members on front line.


  3. He should have resigned like the chairman did from barnsley after that pay scandal came to light last year. He just keeps hangin around like a bad fart.


  4. Is it to do with this?
    Two weeks left to have your say on how fire service delivers its work to local people
    … & related to this:
    Firefighters warn slashing night time cover in Sheffield could put lives at risk
    Personally, I don’t find it an abuse of the Council e-mail system since it is about Council business and not electioneering.
    Not to sure of people taking photographs of what they see on (presumably someone else’s) computer screen.


    • its about organising something for a labour group meeting which is party political. if they are daft enough to leave that exposed then serves em right.


      • It says a lot about atkins so called labour politics. Right wing twerp.

        Siding with the big wigs and fire chiefs rather than the fbu and guys on frontline.


        • I am afraid this is the last diversionary comment I will allow.
          It might be for the best for you to give me material for a post as a single subject rather than hijacking this thread, Rik.


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