Rotherham grooming: Woman abused as a child goes public

A woman abused by the leader of a child grooming gang in Rotherham has revealed her identity for the first time as she continues her fight for justice.

Sammy Woodhouse, who previously talked about her experience under the false name Jessica, waived her right to anonymity to speak to BBC Inside Out.

Some of the men who groomed and raped girls are now behind bars, including her abuser Arshid Hussain.

She now wants action taken against the professionals who failed to help her.

“I think now it’s time that professionals are held accountable,” she said.

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5 thoughts on “Rotherham grooming: Woman abused as a child goes public

  1. “Jessica” ( Sammy Woodhouse) on Inside Out -BBC 7-30pm tonight re the authorities who let her down ! Brave young woman ! Could be uncomfortable viewing for some at Town Hall Towers !


  2. Another brave woman telling the truth well done Sammy all who have come forward should have awards for bravery your the true ones that deserve this


  3. It goes without saying that pedophilia needs rooting out. Everyone turning the other cheek while children suffered.They need naming and not only shaming but they should be charged accordingly ? Inquiry after inquiry, just nepatism and money laundering, its not there to stop pedos or bring justice. Our council leader the gutter snype paul lakin was cabinet member for children, Thats two positions where he was payed to know, so hes answerable.
    The many solicitors, who got payed to traffic the babies of the victims, knowing the truth,that the authority refused to use the law to stop statutory rape. The solicitors also refused to use the law to protect the victims from having their babies legally kidnappeď. The same lot that get paid to legally traffic immigrants. Obviously the most culpable are the bodies on the ground, social workers and police officers, they see the victims and the pedos, they are the first line of defence. I was often left gobsmacked at their complete refusal to act in accordance with the law. Still, I always thought with title and pay hike comes responsibility. Theyve still got victims carrying great shame and its about time we had some answers as to why? These pedo sympathisers arent out of their jobs.


  4. Sammi Woodhouse should have the full backing of everyone in her fight to have her name cleared of any criminal activity while she was being groomed , and particularly from anyone in a position to have a voice that will be listened to . If this was my daughter , I would be fully behind her , in her fight for justice . No surprises in the behaviour of the police ; just ‘par for the course’ in my view , but , also ‘par for the course’ with the police in my view , is that they will undoubtebly make it years of hard work for Sammi and whoever helps her with her fight , before they realise they’re under so much public pressure , that they’ve no choice but to admit wrong doings . Joe


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