Sheffield Council’s deputy leader Leigh Bramall resigns

Councillor Leigh Bramall has resigned from his role as deputy leader of Sheffield Council.

The Labour politician is leaving to return to a career in communications and will take up a position at a company based in the city.

He is also standing down from his role as councillor for Southey, a position he has held since 2004, which is expected to trigger a by-election.

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4 Responses to Sheffield Council’s deputy leader Leigh Bramall resigns

  1. trambuster says:

    revolving doors then! – even at his level

    • reg reader says:

      ??? Surely he is returning to the Private Sector; isn’t he. ???

      Remember your final comment here:
      They always do, their only motivation is the size of the fattest salary they can screw out of the public purse – these people would not last 10 minutes in the private sector.
      For information – the private sector is where people actually earn their money on the merit of the talents and achievements.

      Try to be consistent. …
      …. and it leaves me wondering what sector you ply your trade in.

  2. Barry Cunliffe says:

    That’s a real loss for Sheffield. He was a dedicated and selfless local politician.

  3. Teresa Pursall says:

    Did he see that climbing the greasy pole in the Labour Party was not going to be as easy as he thought?

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