This ‘secret plan to destroy Labour’: Who are Momentum and what do they stand for?

THE FUTURE existence of the Labour Party is at risk, deputy leader Tom Watson has warned amid claims that hard left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are plotting a takeover in a secret deal with Unite union boss Len McCluskey.

Mr Watson said it was clear the threat was real after a recording emerged of the founder of Momentum – the grassroots activists group which helped propel Mr Corbyn to the leadership – discussing the prospects of gaining Unite’s backing.

Momentum was formed by Labour activist Jon Lansman, who was said to have told supporters he expected the union – together with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) – to affiliate to Momentum if Mr McCluskey wins his battle for re-election as Unite general secretary.

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Labour descends into open warfare as John McDonnell accuses Tom Watson of ‘interfering’ in Unite leadership contest

Labour has descended into open warfare after John McDonnell accused Tom Watson of “interfering” in the Unite union’s leadership contest.

Labour’s deputy leader has called on Jeremy Corbyn to “deal with” supporters who are plotting to take control of the party by joining forces with the Unite if Len McCluskey wins the general secretaryship.

It came after Jon Lansman, the leader of the Momentum campaign group which backs Mr Corbyn, was secretly recorded revealing that it plans to officially link with the union.

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Tom Watson attacks Momentum-Unite Labour ‘plot’

Labour’s deputy leader says left-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are involved in a plot which could destroy the party as an electoral force.

Tom Watson was reacting to claims that the grassroots Momentum group – which helped make Mr Corbyn leader – is hoping to get financial support from Britain’s largest trade union, Unite.

Momentum’s Jon Lansman was reportedly taped saying that if Len McCluskey was re-elected as Unite general secretary, the union would affiliate to his group rather than just to Labour.

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9 thoughts on “This ‘secret plan to destroy Labour’: Who are Momentum and what do they stand for?

  1. Dirty smears by the snide and grubby right wing watson who loves to denigrate colleagues to the media.

    He is part of the west midlands old electricians cabal who is a party within a party.

    Labour MPs want to go back to stitching the leadership up and excluding our record high membership.


  2. Unite leadership contender Ian Allinson attacks rival Coyne as “Blairite hypocrite”
    20 March 2017
    Ian Allinson, the grassroots socialist candidate for Unite General Secretary, said:Ian Allinson

    “Coyne opened this election claiming that Unite’s leadership spent too much time on politics. Yet he has plenty to say on behalf of his New Labour backers like Tom Watson who are undermining Jeremy Corbyn. He’s paid for social media ads implying that he wants to overturn Unite’s democratic policy of support for Palestinian freedom in favour of backing the repressive Israeli regime. Coyne wants worse politics, not less politics. He is a Blairite hypocrite.”
    Allinson has criticised McCluskey for his failure to publicly back Corbyn since the Copeland by-election defeat and for undermining him on key policy issues such as Trident and workers’ rights to free movement and equal treatment.

    Allinson said:

    “Coyne would turn the clock back to the days when our union bankrolled New Labour while they kept anti-union legislation, privatised our public services through PFI and spent billions on illegal wars. Blairism undermined Labour’s base. People rejected it at the last two General Elections. In Scotland, where the Labour right remain in charge and continue failing to represent workers’ interests, they have almost completely destroyed their support. Coyne and his Blairite puppet-masters moan about non-existent left wing plots to take over Labour. Meanwhile Mandelson brags about working every single day to remove Corbyn. The Labour right have never stopped plotting.”

    “It’s been great for Unite members to have a Labour leader who actually supports them. Anyone breaking from the failed consensus of austerity, privatisation and sucking up to the rich and powerful would face opposition from the establishment – in which I include much of the media and much of the Parliamentary Labour Party – right-wing careerists who are so out of touch that they abstained on the Tories’ Welfare Bill. Unite should be doing more to campaign at grass roots level on issues of concern to members. This can shift the agenda away from the Westminster bubble of Coyne’s backers.”
    Allinson argues that Corbyn is at his most popular when speaking from the heart, but that he has been undermined by the incessant plotting of the Labour right. Allinson argues that Unite needs to implement its policy of requiring Labour MPs, like Unite reps, to stand for selection each term rather than almost having a job for life.

    Allinson said:

    “The Labour right seem to prefer a Tory government to a left Labour one and are working hard to prevent that. Labour members have a right to hold MPs like that to account. Unite members have a right to demand they butt out of our General Secretary election, which is about much more than the future of Corbyn.”
    According to Allinson the same lack of commitment to democracy is a feature of Coyne’s campaign for Unite leadership too:

    “Coyne pretends that McCluskey can decide who to back for Labour leader, or major affiliations. These are matters for our conferences and our Executive, not one person. He shows the same contempt for democracy with many election pledges he simply cannot deliver. Both Coyne and McCluskey have been high up in the union machine for decades. I’m a workplace activist committed to a more bottom-up culture to make Unite a stronger union.”


  3. Momentum supporters have an electoral mountain to climb.
    There is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that a hard left party will attract enough votes to form a government or be the largest party in any power sharing agreement.
    If anyone cares to take the time to research the number of votes cast for hard left candidates in the last four GE’s the evidence is overwhelmingly anti hard left .
    Sorry guys. You’re good at in-fighting but rubbish at electoral persuasion.


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