My daughter’s sexual abuse left me feeling like ‘a zombie’

“You are walking round like a zombie. You have no heart, and you have no brain, because you just don’t know where to turn,” Jack says.

His daughter was sexually abused in Rotherham, a town where more than 1,000 children were subjected to appalling exploitation between 1997 and 2013 – mainly by men of Pakistani heritage.

Discovering what had happened to her left Jack – not his real name – feeling like he had been “ripped apart” inside.

Alongside his daughter, he now attends counselling sessions – held once a week outside the town – where they are given a chance to talk about what happened.

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2 thoughts on “My daughter’s sexual abuse left me feeling like ‘a zombie’

  1. Police need to listen to the public when something like this happens. They still refuse to go through all the documented evidence we have which proves lies were told to a an On Call Doctor Service, which opened on 1st April 2004 and closed on 30th June 2004 opening up again in July under a slightly different name, why? We, the two daughters,were shown a photograph album an hour before dad died at what we thought was his own house. My sister was so disgusted after this album was snatched from her hands, she called the Police who came to the house in Doncaster, before dad’s death, but refused to ask for this album, Why? Who were the men in those photographs with young girls? We can prove dad was given terminal drugs for a cancer his Consultant has stated he did not have, the Pathology Report also confirmed this but we had to wait over 10 months to see the Pathology Report, after dad died. Even then his inquest did not re-open until October 2005, and documented information we had, was ignored by new Assistant Deputy Coroner why?


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