South Yorkshire hotels allowing men to check into rooms with teenage girls

A police operation found hotels in South Yorkshire are still allowing men to check into rooms with teenage girls despite the child sexual exploitation scandal.

Hotels across the county have received training on how to spot the signs of potential child sexual exploitation, but spot checks last week found some in Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster still willing to take bookings from men attempting to check in with teenage girls.

Undercover police officers and teenage cadets attempted to book into five hotels in Sheffield but on each occasion staff refused to check them in.

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Hotels given further training after failing to spot the signs of CSE

TWO out of eight hotels in Rotherham failed to flag CSE concerns during undercover police tests.

The targeted operation involved an adult male, played by an officer, trying to book a room with a teenage girl, played by a cadet.

It followed hotel staff across the county being among businesses given the internationally recognised Operation Makesafe training package.

South Yorkshire Police said the two venues in Rotherham which did not report concerns during the tests were given a debrief and more training was arranged.

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18 thoughts on “South Yorkshire hotels allowing men to check into rooms with teenage girls

  1. That’s all fine and dandy. The very police force deliberately responsible for allowing this whole sorry mess to unfold in the first place, now look towards deflecting a portion of the blame on other institutions. Where were the police under-cover operations for cleaning things up in their own back yard, when it was most needed at a time when this problem first manifested itself? There were none. Meanwhile, the untrustworthy SYP simply get protected by the protracted investigations of the equally corrupt IPCC. They are let off with a few wrist slaps and encouraged by the government and the “security” services to pull off these kind of publicity stunts, just like their recent anti-terror drill exercise at Meadowhall, enacted out in order to bolster up an entirely bogus terror threat construct. It is utterly evil and the public are being duped. No police officer ever gets arrested for their corrupt ways. It’s all very sickening and shameful. The organisation known as South Yorkshire Police is an utter disgrace.


  2. Was it pure coincidence that the five Sheffield Hotels were different ? Without the details of total numbers of hotels visited this article does not mean much. It is unfortunate that South Yorkshire Police still have a long way to go before Melanie Palin can claim success in protecting children.


    • Thank you – very telling. Hotels visited: Barnsley 7 Doncaster 13 Sheffield 5
      Rotherham “a number” ??? WHY is the number missing ? Were the Sheffield hotels forewarned? Were the hotels visited among the 60 that received ‘training’? Can Melanie Palin claim that her police follow-up appropriately when they are told of children being abused?


  3. As a once manager of a hotel I can confidently say it’s not rocket science to spot why some people use the facility.
    To be complicit in allowing people to use the premises for criminal purposes is a punishable offence and the police need to be confident hotel management understand it……A few examples of very hefty fines or even jail might help…


    • Thank you. Given the relative population sizes of the four target areas, are the visit numbers proportionate? Barnsley 231k Doncaster 302k Rotherham 257k Sheffield 552k Clearly, Sheffield should have had up to 20 hotel visits. What’s going on?


      • Wouldn’t “number of hotels within a specific price range” be a better measure than population?
        But without a FoI the full facts are unlikely to come out.

        A quick look on Trivago suggests the overall count of hotels in each location is circa:
        Barnsley 80
        Doncaster 65
        Sheffield 122
        Rotherham 22
        When I have time, I’ll try and look at the numbers at each star-rating.


        • Isn’t this all a bit of a distraction?

          The perpetrators of these criminal acts, as and when found guilty, as a deterrent, should be made to face penalties commensurate with God’s Law, which is precisely the thing that Elizabeth II swore on her coronation oath, to maintain to the utmost of her power. The judicial system pledges their allegiance to Elizabeth under that same sworn oath, which she disregards and flouts on a daily basis.

          Obviously, maintaining God’s Law does not happen at all in this day and age, sadly, and the queen, who knows full well that she breaks her oath on a daily basis, is shamefully not held to account, even though she, is as guilty as sin. Therein lies the root of the problem in the first place.

          Currently, there is no effective deterrent for these type of crimes, and God’s Law has been FOOLISHLY abandoned, replaced by self-serving legislation, which is the very thing prohibited under God’s Law, and so we all run round in circles getting nowhere, and things go from bad to worse.

          In this little “Fawtly Towers” type case study, the police, by shifting some of the responsibility for prevention onto Hotel Administrators, are participating in a great big fudge, while a fundamental issue is in need of addressing.

          By all means, dear “reg reader”, look at the statistics in this way if you wish, and make of it what you will, but sincerely, Hotel Administrators, faulty or not, are not to blame for this sorry mess we are all in as a nation. Neither are they part of the solution to it.


        • Thank you Tony, you make some good points, especially in the last two paragraphs. One issue includes, but is not the only issue, the dissemination of what is essentially a form of ‘fake news’, where seemingly plausible facts are given to create a false public impression, so as to make it appear that the problem has gone away. For this particular issue, whilst in no way taking our communal eye off either the bigger picture or its context and consequences, it is important that the public can see that they are being duped into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, all those who should have done their jobs but were negligent, were derelict in their duty, or simply did not care, genuinely believe they can escape with a smug satisfaction with respect to their perceived immunity. So, if a public story is deceiving, no matter how subtly, it must be exposed for what it is, because not to do so would result in lies being accepted as truth, no lessons learned ( as in the RMBC case and apparent lack of accountability ) and the revolving door of abuse continuing, and spreading like a cancer to neighbouring areas, such as is seen in Sheffield.


        • Thanks Reg – even using these figures when comparing Rotherham and Doncaster, Sheffield should have had between around 24 to 40 hotel police visits – even worse for showing the bias! Slowly, the police publicity political puff piece is unraveling to meaningless drivel. What has not yet been established quantitatively is the total number of times that hotels were used during the CSE years, or the type of hotels, not even a guess-timate as to whether hotels were used for a half of the crimes, or a quarter, or whatever. Is there any real substance or value left in the police article?


        • Pleasant,
          Is there any real substance or value left in the police article?
          Almost certainly not – it does seem like window-dressing, but … I’d really like to get an answer on just why their hotel sample appears so utterly inappropriate. Do they never consult statisticians?

          Back in the late 1970’s I found myself with 5 other guys in an up-market hotel in Nottingham, and after dinner, we were sitting at a table in the bar. A couple of young girls appeared, and somehow joined us. I talked to one of them and she told me that they were both in care, and worked a couple of nights at the hotel, and were allowed into the bar before their shift started. The other girl was far more upfront towards a US colleague of mine (we had both flown in from the US that morning) until I made sure that she knew he was married with 2 kids, when she stormed off.
          Next morning the girl I had been talking to brought me my wake-up coffee … and asked me to give her a kiss.
          It is a still a hard story to tell, and back then I had no context for what happened. Then just a few years ago came Rochdale, Rotherham and CSE and so much fell into place.
          Kids in care, starved of affection.

          A very different model than the one the cops were checking on, and I have no idea if such things could occur today.
          “Fake news” and Tony Farrell – now that did make me smile.


  4. Reg, It’s unwise to assume that being hit on by 2 young women means they must be starved of affection from parents or caregivers….. Don’t you watch any music video’s or modern movies.? Many young women believe that’s how they are meant to behave with the help of course by multi billion dollar entertainment industry. I think you have a good heart Reg and try to see the positive but I’m afraid a little naive in some respects.


    • Linda, I think you utterly and totally misunderstand and misinterpret that experience.
      “Ignorance combined with Arrogance” is how I would express you comment..

      Remember that I am writing about something that happened in the mid-1970s – when I was in my mid-30’s, and both pretty and wealthy enough to get almost any lady I wanted.

      Whilst my home was in London, I was at the time commuting between Brussels, Stockholm. Dusseldorf and Dallas and I knew what I expected to find in the bars of the hotels I spent my nights in – ladies who for one reason or another charged fees for their time.
      Nor was it anything like I ever connected with in the pubs I regularly visited in the UK.
      (it was uncommon for me to spend nights in UK hotels – tho’ sometimes I did have to spend nights in the old Holiday Inn, Paradise St. Liverpool. But well, I was in a casual on-going relationship with a lovely lady of that city, so that was fine.)
      It was a very very different situation than what I ever experienced elsewhere, and quite painful for me to document here because it was totally outside my experience then, and still troubles me.
      I truly believe I know the harsh reality of this world far better than you could ever do.
      How many countries have you ever set up home in, for me it is 17.
      (including Palestinian refugee camps, and years in the conflict areas of Africa).
      How many languages can you speak well? for me it is 7

      Btw I love New Zealand. but I just would never want to spend much time in Singapore, I far prefer Tokio when I am in that region.



  5. Reg, I bow to your superior knowledge. Honestly I do… I only speak one language and coming from Tinsley not very well., I left school at 15, I married young, I had 6 children. We emigrated with 2 kids and 16 pounds in our pockets. We were too dumb to understand what we let ourselves in for…..
    You may well know the harsh realities of this world better than Reg…
    However Reg, in my arrogance I can detect what you really think about the opposite sex when you assume in your 30’s and wealthy you could get get any lady you wanted…I am afraid Reg that really is a statement of arrogance …. Perhaps in your 30’s you could have got any lady you wanted….. minus one…..


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