More powers returning to Rotherham Council – reaction and full details

DEPARTING commissioner Sir Derek Myers praised “sustained improvements” at the council after the Government confirmed it will return more powers.

Adult social care, town centre management and street cleaning are among the responsibilities back under local control.

And the Government-appointed commissioner team will shrink to three at the end of the month, when Sir Derek leaves and fellow commissioner Mary Ney takes the lead role.

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4 thoughts on “More powers returning to Rotherham Council – reaction and full details

  1. So, one must ask the question Why are the Commissioners all bailing out what do they know is it that they have thrown the towel in because they have achieved very little. Rotherham is no further forward now than it was before the Government intervention we are still controlled by the same unfit for purpose Labour Councillors and I believe the finances are in a turmoil and having to be propped up from the reserves which are now being rapidly depleted.
    And to date no Councillor or Officer past or present has been brought to account over what caused all this in the first place.
    I have written to The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid MP to ask him to explain his reasoning behind his decision to reinstate powers back to these unfit for purpose Labour Councillors when they failed so catastrophically in the past (copy sent to Rothpole)
    So, the question is should we all be worried what do they know we don’t.
    Just what does the future hold of our once very proud town.


  2. I contacted the commissioners about the litter/flytipping issue on the allotments in Dinnington where the murder took place, over 12 months ago. The commissioners came out with the same pathetic soundbites as the ruling Labour party and did nothing. The commissioners themselves were no better and no judge of the council’s performance.


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