Yorkshire schools ‘blighted by ethnic segregation’

Thousands of England’s schools are being blighted by segregation linked to a student’s ethnicity or social status with a Yorkshire district named as one of the most divided areas within the country, new research reveals.

The study shows that in 2016 more than a quarter of primaries and around two fifths of secondaries were ethnically segregated.

And nearly three in 10 primary schools and more than a quarter of secondary schools are split by social background.

This means that many schools across the country have pupil populations made up overwhelmingly of white British, or ethnic minority youngsters, or have large numbers of children from either rich or poor homes.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/education/yorkshire-schools-blighted-by-ethnic-segregation-1-8454496

24 thoughts on “Yorkshire schools ‘blighted by ethnic segregation’

  1. This is stunning evidence of the leftist,diversity driven codswallop that infests our education system.
    Point 1: There should be no segregation of pupils based on ethnicity,religion or colour.
    Point 2: Basing ‘research’ on the number of pupils who qualify for free school meals is risible.
    Point 3:Educationalists must teach and promote cohesion and collaboration, to do otherwise betrays all those who fought for equal treatment and rights for everyone in years past.

    The YP. article portrays the ‘spokesman’ for Kirklees Council as a cliche ridden drone IMV.


    • What evidence do you have that “leftist,diversity driven codswallop that infests our education system” is a factually correct statement?


  2. @Paddy Cawkwell.
    The Left dominates teaching unions.
    The dogma of the Left is diversity and multiculturalism the results of which means schools do not enforce our culture nor do they teach integration.
    Schools might say they treat every pupil equally but if you read the YP article in the link it is obvious equality of treatment is a myth.


    • Having been a parent, grand-parent and governor at several schools over the last near- 40 years, I have seen no evidence to support your ill-informed rant.

      Perhaps you could tell us where you get your evidence and the extent of your practical experience of what happens in schools?

      Teaching union conferences are an aberrance and stand in strict contrast to the reality of teacher perceptions and practices. Neither do teaching union conferences have any influence on curriculum.

      The research evidence suggests that the 1997 general election was the first ever election at which more teachers voted Labour than Conservative. They appear to have done so again in 2001 and 2005, but reverted to type in 2010 and 2015.

      Clearly you haven’t read the report, which offers a particular and interesting perspective.


      • I am in conversations with the relevant Cabinet member to squash this nonsense.

        My brother is a teacher and a fine one at that.


      • @Janet Green.
        Don’t accuse me of posting an ‘ill informed rant’ when you do the very same!
        Teachers unions voted en masse to ignore and fight the reforms brought in by Michael Gove.
        The NUT (soon to be the a partner with the ATL in the National Education Union) is against SAT’s and Academies.
        My own experience relates to both our sons being told their respective classes would be visiting a Mosque and having lessons to understand Diwali. When I asked if they would also be visiting Sheffield Cathedral and having lessons in Judaism and Catholicism in the interests of balance and equality I was told no, it wasn’t part of the planned curriculum.
        I stopped them going so don’t you or Paddy Cawkwell preach to me about not knowing about the pernicious influence teachers have on young minds.
        While we are discussing this perhaps either of you can tell which of the teaching unions is politically right of centre?


  3. “Schools might say they treat every pupil equally but if you read the YP article in the link it is obvious equality of treatment is a myth”

    Have you any evidence to support this claim?

    Your other claims don’t really stand up as its assumed you would produce evidence to support the claims made and you have not.

    I suggest you need to produce facts, Colin…ta


  4. All you have to do is ask the pupils of schools to hear how much inequality there is.
    Institutional and underhand racism from both young people and adults in the profession is on the increase.
    Anyone thinking what proof do you have take a gander at the youth clubs in rotherham.
    There are clubs for Asians only and girls only.
    How much more segregated can it get.


    • That’s a very stark allegation, yet, as with Colin, no proof.

      Sorry folks but you need to be able to back your statements up with evidence.


      • Proof is a very dangerous game as that would mean implication of giving too much and revealing who the commenter is.
        If guest has said Asians only youth clubs or girls only clubs then is it not enough for the relevant person or organisation to ask the council or whomever ever responsible to whether this is true.
        Schools would never admit there is a problem with segregation or racism with young people or even between teachers but then the whistle blowers would confounded from their lively hood if found out.
        Unless you wait like anything else until late it really gets bad and comes out.


        • Its a reasonable assumption to say Guest @ 0838hrs is making a point that, despite my reservations, is correect.

          As a result of this assumption I will investigate.

          I am doing this to make my own point but lets run with Guest at 0838hrs and see where we go.

          Its a crazy thing to do but I’m open minded.


  5. Again, I’m working on the basis of very little evidence as folk want to keep it to themselves but if we have youth clubs in Rotherham “for Asians only” then I’ll eat my hat.

    It is a nonsense, of course it is, who on earth has given this kind of waffle air time other then you & I?

    I’m doing so to prove its wrong.


      • My mothers parents, my grandparents fled Ireland due to the actions of HM Govt and settled in Conisbrough, they met in a sweet shop in Mexbrough.

        My fathers parents, my grandparents were English and met whilst he was on the railway.

        Your dig at me is racist and I am shocked Rik decided to publish it but thats up to him, I’m not British and so says every honourable man, woman, child and beast.


        • There you go again Paddy trying to play the Racist card when you cannot get your own way,just like all the stanis.By the way paddy I am of mixed race born in this country so how the hell can I be called a RACIST. Racism only works one way in this country when its suits.


        • @Time for change

          I’m not at all, I merely trying to draw you a picture for you to hold in your minds eye as to why this is whole thing is bonkers.


  6. @Paddy Cawkwell.
    ‘I know you hate freedom but here we are…’

    Wrong again….
    End of my contributions to this debate which has been hijacked by two people who are convinced teachers unions can do no wrong.


  7. No reply from Cabinet Member for Children & Young People Services yet folks, any odds on “asian only youth clubs” being laughed at out loud?

    Place ya bets!


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  9. Cllr Watson has been in Ireland (I don’t blame him tbh) and was not contactable when I tried to call.

    As a result I have now made contact and asked for a full written report to put to bed these awful claims.


    Rik – have you an e-mail address I can send it to please?


  10. Cllr Watson said;

    Youth provision within Early Help is offered on an open access basis and has no distinction in relation to race/heritage. Although some sessions do require a minimum age due to the appropriateness of the materials/ session content (ie targeted teens work) the service does not distinguish on any other grounds.


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