Future plans for Rotherham to be discussed

Rotherham Plan 2025 launched with aims that “will change lives”

SPEAKERS spelled out a positive future for the borough at the launch of the Rotherham Plan 2025.

Figures from the public, private and voluntary sectors detailed achievements and aims at an event at New York Stadium on Wednesday (29).

The 28-page plan sets out five themes — called “game changers” — to focus on to make the borough a better place to live, work, study, visit and invest.

These priorities are the town centre, building stronger communities, skills and employment, integrated health and social care and “a place to be proud of”.

Partnership chairman Cllr Chris Read, leader of Rotherham Borough Council, said a past flaw had been “keeping our heads down too much”.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,rotherham-plan-2025-launched-with-aims-that-will-change-lives_22085.htm

Future plans for Rotherham to be discussed

FUTURE plans for the borough will be discussed this afternoon (Wednesday) at the launch of the Rotherham Plan 2025.

Senior leaders will gather at New York Stadium from 2pm to talk about efforts to improve life in the town.

The event has been organised by the Rotherham Together Partnership, which incudes the council, police, fire and rescue, health services, colleges, businesses and charities.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,future-plans-for-rotherham-to-be-discussed_22051.htm

Read/download a copy of the report: http://moderngov.rotherham.gov.uk/documents/s110295/Appendix%20-%20Rotherham%20Plan%202025.pdf


10 thoughts on “Future plans for Rotherham to be discussed

  1. Somehow “Utopia” and “Rotherham” appears to be an oxymoron. Do any of the dipsticks from Town Hall Towers ever venture into the dereliction which represents two thirds of the Centre with it’s burnt out buildings and populated by feral children (and parents) ? All this talk about “Communities” immediately makes me think of ghettos ! I don’t live in a “community” – I live in Rotherham ! Once a pleasant little town, but now scarred by unemployment and more than it’s fair share of migrants, the latter thanks to Mr Blair and one ex Leader, who welcomed with open arms, not them, but the Government cash which came with them ! I am afraid it will take more than grand words and “forward plans” to save this sad little town. How about free parking every other day and reopening some of the town centre roads to try to get motorists to use the town instead of Retail World or Meadowhall ? Oh, I forgot – we are all supposed to use public transport ! Have none of our leaders or their acolytes not yet realised that the car really does reign supreme in the 21st century ?? I wish them luck with their ambitions. I suspect they will need it !


  2. I went to the event – full of self-praising people. I’m still not sure what the plan is or what I was supposed to commit to by signing the pledge!


  3. How can these people make plans for our town when they don’t even live here they live in cloud cuckoo land. Do they ever walk around Rotherham with it’s boarded up shops, charity and pound shops an outdoor market that only uses a third of it’s stalls and a indoor market that has it’s stalls closing down every other week, Immigrants that hang around in gangs and intimidate you ( so much for hearts and minds Ms Hoddinett and co ) Why not cut your losses and flatten the lot, build a new council estate which probably half of the tenants won’t pay any rent for and re-name Parkgate the New Rotherham Town Centre. There you are problem solved !!!!


  4. Why are they “jollying” off at great cost to the New York Stadium, when they have a perfectly good big round chamber to have meetings in at nil cost.
    On the issues of free parking, another farce by the Labour councillors. The issue of free parking comes up time and time again week in week out. Do they ever listen ?. Its a vote winner, sit down and work out how much is collected in car parking charges. Then look at the rest of the budget figures and swap/juggle around some figures, and hey presto, free parking in the town centre, more happy faces, more votes, more thriving businesses, more business rates.
    Simple really.
    I say simple, for the last few years, the budget for children`s services had been in the red to the tune of around £4 million (and now rising ) every year. Common sense says, if you go over this year, then reduce next year, or put up the tax. They could not grasp this, so why were the Councillors in the finance brief not sacked, and more to the point, why are they still employing Officers who cannot come up with a budget that cuts the debt. If Labour Councillors are not capable of doing simple maths, with the car parking, then maybe UKIP should pledge to do it.


  5. S Thornton
    Children’s Services deficit in 2016/17 was nearer £13m not £4m. Thomas spends like a man with no hands, racking up social worker salaries with no tight control on spending. Despite being a glorified finance officer, his accounts are out of control so lets hope Mary Ney as Lead Commissioner cuts through his poor spending (and value for money) record and reins him in.

    With 500 children in care (100 last year) and the over zealousness of front line social workers to enforce ‘adoptions without consent’ using any tactic available to them including ‘smoke and mirrors’ and making up ‘stories’ all the while exploiting the vulnerable. This is a major industry and is in breach of Safeguarding and not least Human Rights Act, Article 8.

    The practice is not uncommon across the UK (or many countries) but the UK is the worse offender. It is breathtakingly cruel whilst being morally and professionally inept. All the while devastating children’s lives and their birth families rather than Keeping Families Together.

    No matter how many times Thomas waves about his recent Ofsted monitoring visit letters for the media, RMBC Children’s Services remain INADEQUATE and ‘not fit for purpose’ as identified by Louise Casey 2015. It’s not hard to see why. There’s still little evidence that front line staff demonstrate quality as well as compassion, integrity and sensitivity. As Casey also found ‘RMBC does not follow statutory procedures’ and Children’s Services is no exception.

    Such adoptions attract a lucrative bounty per child for the council coffers. Thomas will no doubt, have been looking at this activity as a neat income generator. All legitimised by meeting government targets for adoption bestowed upon RMBC. Irrespective of breaking up families at any cost and imposing damage upon family lives for life.


  6. I’m sure most of us would like to see a modern, thriving and prosperous town centre without it looking like a clone of other town centres.
    Planning the future appearance and direction of Rotherham town centre requires experienced people with planning and retail backgrounds and sound financial discipline. Councillors do not have any the requirements listed above.
    Rotherham is blighted-by reputation and current appearance. RMBC promotes Parkgate Retail Centre while at the same time wringing its collective hands over the desolation in the town centre, they haven’t got the nous to square the circle nor have they got the vision to make Rotherham a place people want to visit.
    Comments about free parking miss the point; why would you want to park and spend time in a dump?
    Chris Read et al need to forget the political ideology, forget ‘inclusiveness, diversity and communities’ and learn from the success of Parkgate and Meadowhall Centres which IMV could not and would not be run successfully by a political clique which bemoans capitalism. .


  7. At the rate the town is deteriorating…. I think I can visualize Rotherham 2025 and it does not look like the vision above. With regards to knocking the town down and having parkgate as new town centre …don’t bother leave it standing as a permanent reminder of what happens when muppets run the show … and also as a place for the feral gangs scroungers and drunks to hang out.


  8. I’ve just noticed Emma Hoddinott’s Twitterati post:
    ‘Culture, sport, parks & tourism have essential role in making Rotherham a place to be proud of’

    Culture? None of the RMBC Cabinet members would know culture if it dropped on them from a great height. How will ‘Culture’ attract people into the Town?
    Tourism? Ah,yes. “And on your right ladies and gentlemen you will see the festering mess we are responsible for. We call it Eastwood”. Or “This is the Indoor Market. Built in a hurry and currently in dire need of refurbishment”,sorry about the litter and bodies you’ve had to step over to see it”.
    “Now if you’ll walk over here we have provided a free bus to take you to Parkgate Retail Centre where you can enjoy a few hours of retail therapy and find a selection of fast food outlets”.
    “On your return we will visit the Council Chamber and you will see our Grand Plan for Rotherham which will come to fruition when we find the money and someone to oversee it”. “Ditto the parks”.


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