Call for probe into lieu time for fire chiefs

A FIRE authority shelved a public report into senior officers being allocated hundreds of hours of lieu time, a decision which ultimately led to a deputy chief receiving an extra £12,500 for working during strikes when he left the service in February.

South Yorkshire chief officer Jamie Courtney said top officers were “automatically entitled” to up to seven weeks in lieu time and public discussion by the local fire authority wasn’t necessary.

Mr Courtney insisted the generous recompense did not require “permission” because councillors on the authority had previously required chief officers to repay tens of thousands of pounds in overtime for the same work.

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10 Responses to Call for probe into lieu time for fire chiefs

  1. Paddy Cawkwell says:

    This is a disgrace, all under a Labour Council that, quite frankly needs to get a grip!

    • Not One To Bear a gRudge says:

      Hear hear – still too many of the old guard that “knew nowt” hanging round the trough, guzzling up the gravy

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    There is an urgent need for a full investigation into these (possibly) corrupt payments.

  3. Janet Green says:

    Reading this, the Chief Fire Officer’s role in this is quite disgraceful.

    The external auditors should now thoroughly investigate what has happened, identify any improper payments and any improper behaviour, and produce a full public report.

    • Sam says:

      No surprise with a numpty like cllr alan atkin in charge. Just a sychophant and useless.

      • coppersink94 says:

        They can’t audit in a way that would mean owt, all married to each to each other.

        • Janet Green says:

          Please engage your brain, and do a little research before you make such stupid comments.

          A quick google confirms that KPMG are currently the external auditors for Barnsley MBC, which provides the Secretariat services for the Fire Authority.

          I’m not aware that KPMG are unable to audit.

          Nor am I aware that KPMG’s accountants are married to the senior Fire Officers.

          Of course, you may know different.

      • Not One To Bear a gRudge says:

        Just because someone never votes against the “Officers” doesn’t make them a sycophant……….

  4. Insider says:

    Ok jackie hows john ?

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