HS2 rejects call for re-run of bid process after ‘conflict of interest’ claim

An engineering company accusing HS2 of having conflicts of interest has called for the bidding competition for a major contract to be re-run.

But Mace’s demand was refused by HS2, which insisted there are “no plans” to repeat the process to decide who will design Phase 2b of the high speed rail line, running from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds.

Mace believes competitor CH2M should not have been handed a £170 million deal last month because of its close links with HS2.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/news-wire/hs2-rejects-call-for-re-run-of-bid-process-after-conflict-of-interest-claim-1-8467473

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1 thought on “HS2 rejects call for re-run of bid process after ‘conflict of interest’ claim

  1. It is normal for the runner up in a bidding process to take on a project if the lead contractor pulls out for any reasons however in this instance,to avoid any further embarrassment, the bidding should be opened up to all interested contractors. No matter if Bechtel wins the bid at least it could be seen as open and transparent which is something HS2 failed to do in its previous contract with CH2M.
    Just how much more of a stench does HS2 Ltd. want to generate over this whole botched procedure?


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