The Week That Was – Last Weeks Top Ten 1st April 2017

Last Weeks Top Ten 1st April 2017:

  1. Future plans for Rotherham to be discussed
  2. Diamond geezer donates jewel to Mayor’s ball
  3. Questions over millions of pounds of road safety money which is ‘missing’ from ex-police chief’s private firm
  4. Former South Yorkshire police chief David Crompton to take court action over ‘forced removal’
  5. Yorkshire schools ‘blighted by ethnic segregation’
  6. Child abuse victim attacks officials who failed to help
  7. YP Exclusive: South Yorkshire Police scandal payouts bill now £14m and rising
  8. Over 150 South Yorkshire police officers apply for redundancy
  9. Voicing CSA Next meeting details
  10. Final go-ahead for £37 million Gulliver’s Valley theme park

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