Sheffield opposition councillors walk out of meeting in protest

Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP councillors have walked out of a full council meeting in protest.

All of the 25 councillors making up the opposition today walked out in support of Green councillor Alison Teal who was threatened to be thrown out of the council chamber in Sheffield Town Hall.

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POLL: Were Sheffield opposition councillors right to walk out of yesterday’s meeting?

Sheffield Lib Dem, Green and UKIP councillors staged a dramatic walk out in yesterday’s full council meeting. Green Nether Edge Coun Alison Teal was said to have made a ‘defamatory’ remark suggesting Labour cabinet member Coun Bryan Lodge had ‘misled’ the public on the city’s controversial tree felling programme.

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‘It’s something you’d see on a school playground’ – Sheffield Council leader criticises opposition for mass walk out

Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore has said opposition councillors who walked out of a meeting in protest ‘abandoned their duty to represent local people’. Green, Lib Dem and UKIP councillors walked out of the full council meeting yesterday afternoon in support of Nether Edge councillor Alison Teal after she was expelled from the chamber due to ‘defamatory’ comments.

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4 thoughts on “Sheffield opposition councillors walk out of meeting in protest

  1. BIG BROTHER AT WORK ! The referenced page has been heavily redacted. Did anyone capture it before the material was censored? The Star has more questions to answer about how and why it took down material that had originally been published.


  2. Hmm – the people of Sheffield are finally seeing, first hand, what rubbish is representing them in local Government in the name of Labour ! We saw it here, at Town Hall Towers, but threw away the opportunity to sweep out the dross who had been found “not fit for purpose” by a Government Inspector ! Same old political thought process of “If my dad voted Labour then I will do the same” will finish off this town completely !


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