Less than half Labour voters want Corbyn as PM

Only 45% of Labour’s own supporters back Jeremy Corbyn as the best prime minister for the country in a two-way choice with Theresa May, according to a new poll.

Among all voters, support for Mr Corbyn entering Downing Street slumps to 14%, with Mrs May given the nod by 47% in a head-to-head contest, an Opinium survey for The Observer finds.

More than a quarter of those questioned, 28%, said they wanted neither leader in Number 10.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/less-than-half-labour-voters-want-corbyn-as-pm-1-8495177


One thought on “Less than half Labour voters want Corbyn as PM

  1. I don’t particularly like Corbyn but I hate May and the Tories, and if the people of this country are stupid enough to vote them back in, now that May has called an election, then they deserve all they get. The end of the NHS, more attacks on the disabled and poorest people, attacks on the young with cuts to education, the continuation of the bedroom tax. Put aside Brexit, because that is what she wants to fight the election on, not the vile things she is doing to us, don’t fall for it.
    Dave Smith


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