Thousands back campaign to re-open Dinnington police station in wake of Leonne Weeks’ murder

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition calling for Dinnington police station to be re-opened, after a teenage girl was stabbed to death on a footpath there earlier this year.

The murder of 16-year-old Leonne Weeks on January 16 this year shocked the Dinnington community, and came just a month after Steven Fretwell was murdered at his home in nearby Laughton on December 18, 2016. Dinnington resident Tim Wells says the lack of a visible police presence in the town is causing some to feel too afraid to ‘go out at night’ in the wake of Leonne’s death.

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3 thoughts on “Thousands back campaign to re-open Dinnington police station in wake of Leonne Weeks’ murder

  1. This article is misleading I started this campaign in 2015 well before the murder of the young girl, and the people who are now leading the campaign are also not doing it because of this. What we want in our area is community policing, the Dinnington police station was and can be used as the focal point for the whole of our area. It should be manned 24/7 and police patrols sent out from here. It would seem that her majesty’s inspector of constabulary in his latest report agrees with us.only the useless Billings doesn’t.
    Dave Smith


  2. If you want community policing, the last thing you do is waste money on a local police station which will not stop or solve a crime. Bonkers proposal.

    Please give us a costed business case for a ‘manned 24/7’ local police station.

    Quick back of an envelope calculation:
    24/7 manning – just 1 person present – assume 8 hour shift = a requirement for 1095 shifts pa.
    Taking account of holidays, sickness, training etc, let us generously assume that you can get 275 shifts pa from each officer.
    So that’s 4 officers mimimum
    The average pay of a police officer is about £31,000 (
    Add in the employer costs (Pension, NI, training etc)
    and the total cost per officer is c£40,000 pa.

    So, for this Dinnington proposal, it will cost a minimum of £160,000 staffing costs plus buildings and other office costs (building, business rates, energy and other utilities etc etc), conservatively £40,000 pa.

    So Dave Smith wants to spend £200,000 each year on a police station which will not stop or solve a single crime.

    What a complete waste of resources. Bonkers


  3. Don’t understand your reasoning at all Janet.
    Don’t start me on money wasted on public safety … If ever we needed the presence of law enforcement it’s in the times we now live.
    How do you arrive at the conclusion a police presence won’t stop a single crime .?
    I live in a community of about 2000 people and we have a local police officer, station and cells. (comes in handy quite often)
    There would be outrage at the suggestion that money was wasted on the presence of law enforcement.
    The priority of any government is the safety of its citizens. period.


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