Chance to air your views on South Yorkshire policing

SOUTH Yorkshire’s top cop has announced new meeting dates in Rotherham for residents to share their views on policing.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson hosted the first of his interactive consultations at Mexborough Library last Thursday (13) night.

A further seven sessions have been announced, including two in Rotherham, which the force says will inform a review of neighbourhood policing.

Mr Watson said: “It was an enjoyable event in Mexborough, with members of the community sharing their views and opinions on neighbourhood policing in their area.

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Chief Constable to visit South Yorkshire neighbourhoods

South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable is to visit neighbourhoods across the county to get local views on policing in the county.

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One thought on “Chance to air your views on South Yorkshire policing

  1. “neighbourhood policing” …I was unaware that it existed in my neighbourhood .. the field bikers who ride around like it is their playground would certainly agree .. when I was younger police used to drive around in beat cars and would stop and disperse any large groups of us that were loitering outside shops or on street corners ..they knew most of us by name and talked to us and believe it or not we respected them . not so nowadays ….. you only see them responding to an incident and they do less of a pro-active role …youngsters know this and as a result think they run the streets and have zero respect for police or indeed anyone and also is true of the places they live …I followed a car full of young lads along the A630 towards Doncaster when out of the passenger side window flew a bag of Mc Donalds waste ….nice made me think of how they were brought up and the lack of respect they had.


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