MPs vote in favour of snap General Election

BRITAIN will go to the polls for a snap general election after MPs backed Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan.

The poll will be held on June 8 after MPs voted by 522 to 13 votes in favour of the motion in the House of Commons this afternoon (Wednesday).

Mrs May said she wanted to secure the backing of the British people for her Brexit negotiations.

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The 13 MPs who voted against an early general election

Thirteen MPs – including nine Labour – voted against Prime Minister Theresa May’s motion calling for an early general election.

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2 thoughts on “MPs vote in favour of snap General Election

  1. Corbyn and his party could not and would not vote to oppose the GE otherwise he would be howled down with accusations he is not ready to be PM (which we already know)
    Latest betting odds:(overall majority): Con 1/7, Hung Parliament 9/2, Labour 16/1, LibDem 50/1, UKIP 100/1,Green 300/1

    Place your bets.


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