Retail not the answer for Rotherham town centre

Industry analysts have confirmed that retail is not the answer for regenerating Rotherham town centre.

A detailed study into the retail sector in Sheffield and Rotherham has been carried out by experts at Bilfinger GVA – the largest independent commercial property agency in the UK.

Using surveys, studies and data, the latest study confirms that Rotherham is at the pinnacle of the retail hierarchy in the borough but it is not the location with the highest comparison goods turnover.

Rotherham shoppers have never had it so good, with leading names at nearby Parkgate and Meadowhall, and an independent offer and weekly markets in the town centre.

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6 thoughts on “Retail not the answer for Rotherham town centre

  1. One of the solutions to reviving Rotherham Town Centre could be to build something similar to the Centretainment complex with all the food and drinks outlets and entertainment to satisfy most tastes.
    NB.If anyone from Town Hall Towers is reading this I should emphasise that FREE PARKING is essential to attracting visitors. See Parkgate and Meadowhell.


  2. Yes all the experts and successful retail parks agree that free parking is key to their success…
    There are over 1,000 Free car parks around Rotherham – but when it was announced there would be 300 spaces at Forge island… guess what a Labour Councillor exclaimed
    “…yes and they won’t be free!”
    Perhaps they think it is better for our health to dissuade car shoppers?
    But it is not saving the death of the town…


  3. Everyone shouts at Labour “Free Parking”, everyone knows its a popular move, but they just wont listen, whats up with them ?.
    We have three MP`s who did not listen and voted against their own people on Brexit, so its time a message was sent to Labour in Rotherham, Listen or go.
    We have the perfect conditions, use your vote wisely


  4. “… retail is not the answer for regenerating Rotherham town centre.” Well, no s**t Sherlock!
    The place is a toilet, populated by cockroaches and other such lowlife.
    I wonder how much Smellfinger GVA have charged us for that nugget of advice?


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