Unite ‘suspends’ Len McCluskey challenger Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne – the man challenging Len McCluskey for the leadership of Unite – has been suspended from his job as a regional official with the union.

The move comes as counting is about to get under way in the union’s leadership ballot.

Mr Coyne, who is seen as the anti-Jeremy Corbyn candidate, has been suspended as West Midlands regional secretary pending an investigation.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39658427

7 thoughts on “Unite ‘suspends’ Len McCluskey challenger Gerard Coyne

  1. Both of the previous comments would have more validity if they and everyone else knew why Gerard Coyne has been suspended.
    There is a world of difference between prejudice and opinion.


    • Colin
      Simple. Its because coyne played to the gutter press and traded in smears to denigrate our union and movement.

      Murdoch is the perveyor of lies and distortion.
      Remember milly dowler. Hillsbrough. Miners and orgreave etc etc


  2. Email sent to Unite members:

    Dear Colleagues

    This is to advise that Gerard Coyne has been suspended from his duties as Regional Secretary pending an investigation into certain issues which have arisen. I will be continuing as Acting Regional Secretary whilst this investigation takes place. The investigation is, of course, being conducted under procedure, and it should not be assumed that any offence has necessarily been committed. You will appreciate that it is not possible to comment further on this matter.


    Des Quinn
    Acting Regional Secretary


  3. Coyne has clearly brought the union into disrepute by denigrating its policies, executive, members and smears. Not to mention doing it in the murdoch press.

    He should be expelled


  4. ‘Coyne has clearly brought the union into disrepute ……………………..’
    Isn’t anyone allowed to to criticise anybody in the ‘democratic’ union movement?
    It appears Unite takes it lessons in ‘comradeship’ from North Korea.


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