Can the Labour MPS be trusted?

In light of the current snap General Election and the on going Police investigation into the three Labour MPs for electoral expenses fraud after they allegedly failed to declare tens of thousands of pounds spent on recruiting staff to get them re-elected back in 2015 which South Yorkshire Police say that an application for an extension had been granted by the courts, I feel that now would be a good opportunity to enlighten your readers with some forgotten information.

With the Mps winning two High Court, court cases and showing that they will take anyone to court that dare question their knowledge that there was a massive problem of organized sexual abuse going on in their constituencies, but they preferred to turn a blind eye, with a reluctance to focus attention on the perpetrators of these crimes for reasons of “community cohesion” or electoral expediency it appears to be a common theme.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion caused outrage after putting through an expenses claim for a £17 Remembrance Day poppy wreath claiming it was a ‘necessary expense’ Ms Champion then laid the wreath at a service in her Rotherham constituency although the money has since been paid back Ms Champion was told she was not allowed to claim for Remembrance wreaths by IPSA, the parliamentary expenses watchdog.

Would this have been paid back if the IPSA hadn’t picked up on it?

Doesn’t she receive enough money to have paid for this out of her own pocket in the first place?

Are the Labour MPs really Complicit in a Cover-up?

The Former Rotherham MP Denis Macshane who was first elected in 1994 but resigned in 2012 prior to a six month jail sentence for expenses fraud, admitted his political leanings stopped him from addressing the problem when he was the Rotherham MP.

Macshane in an intetview with the BBC said he was aware of illegal incest and “the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain” but turned a blind eye.

He admitted: “Perhaps yes, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that it was too hard”. The Times reported him also having said: “I, like so many MPs, preferred to keep silent on some of the dirty secrets about bad practices in the Kashmiri Muslim community”, a community that supplies “vast reservoirs” of votes at election time he added “There is in our country, just a dreadful culture and I wouldn’t pick particular on one ethnic community but it is a real problem, it’s a longer story about the nature of that community, their sexual relations, and the way they treat women”.

Another local unnamed MP has also confided the abuse remained unspoken of for so long because “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that”. A culture of intimidation locally may have also played a part.

Reports about child sexual abuse began to surface relatively regularly in the national press back in 2011, a year later Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey, received a letter from a constituent expressing concern he dismissed it. The Times reported that the local man, wrote to his MP in 2012 to inform him locals were “deeply disturbed by what was happening in Rotherham”.

The constituent asked whether his MP John Healey for the area since 1997 (which is alleged to be around the year the abuses of the 1,400 girls in Rotherham began), would “call for an investigation of all parties at fault”, meaning local child protection agencies and police as well as the perpetrators. John Healey MP replied” “I am not sure an inquiry would help the girls and their families, especially if it focuses solely on Rotherham and on Asian men grooming white girls”.

The Labour MP for Rother Valley, Sir Kevin Barron who has represented the area since 1983, said that in the past 16 years he had only ever been approached by one family in regard to child abuse issues.

Mr Barron said during the time he helped to raise the matter with the police and ensured the victim and her father gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in January 2013.

The MP told a local newspaper “It now appears that the case was not a relatively rare one as I had thought and that the abuse by her attackers and subsequent failure of response by the very agencies whose role it was to protect her was a widespread situation and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of child sexual exploitation. Why didn’t Mr Barron follow this up and investigate himself  he would have then known it wasn’t a rare case.

Mr Barron has also said “local MPs have regular meetings with council leaders every three months and he could not remember the issue of child sexual exploitation ever being brought up for discussion”.

Are you really telling me and expect me and everyone else to believe that after reports and minutes of meetings which have since been seen about CSE in Rotherham that no councillor or Leader ever spoke to a Rotherham MP about this important issue?

Don’t also tell me that the three MPs don’t also speak to each other?

The first Times report from 2011 which first didn’t name Rotherham but referred to a place in “Northern England” where local sources “where so scared of reprisals that their town must not be named” went some way to explain why the abuser’s own community didn’t reveal their activities, which were often conducted in broad daylight.

The article refers to comments by community sources, who spoke of the “widespread view that betraying members of one’s own community to the police would be an even greater sin than child sexual exploitation.” White girls are targeted by such men because “if they did it to a Muslim girl, they’d be shot”.

As the parliamentary inquiry into the conduct of local agencies and authorities continues questions have been raised about the competency of the very bodies that were supposed to protect those abused.

During the questioning of the then resigning Rotherham chief executive Martin Kimber it emerged that an important and detailed piece of evidence, a 2008 report on child abuse had “disappeared” from the council’s archives.

Is a vote for change really now needed, or are we again to be subjected to another 4 years of Labour rule and the lines of spin they want us to hear.

Just a thought…If just one lost their seat and pressure was put on that one person who won’t be able to hide behind there Parlimentary statues into what they really know or dont know would they name others who claim they also don’t know to save their own skin.

Vote wisely….LabourHater.

The comments from the MPs and reports I have written are from various articles widely available. The points just need to be put in one place to enable you to make up your own mind.

22 thoughts on “Can the Labour MPS be trusted?

  1. It only takes one lie to prove a liar, after which trust is lost forever. It is up to the voters to decide whether or not they believe a candidate has lied, and if so, whether that lie, in their opinion, automatically excludes that candidate. On this basis, on this side of the road, one opinion could be that there would be very few eligible candidates, either for the local authority or parliament. This is but of the plethora of reasons demonstrating why democracy is dead, because if liars are allowed to persist, democracy cannot function, because voters would be unable to make a rational decision based on truth. What if a politician lying was made a criminal, impeachable offence, would this be but one step towards cleaning up politics?


  2. I would only take issue on one thing. Though the targeting of white girls is a matter of record these guys certainly do abuse large numbers of Muslim girls. An Asian woman journalist who spoke to many local Asian women about this told me that in some Mirpuri heritage streets there is a victim in every household. The difference between the two cases is that they think all white girls deserve to be raped whereas with Asian girls they must justify their depravity on other grounds such as a right to ownership arising from a blood tie or a breach of the code of modesty on the part of the victims.
    My understanding is that the community leader who founded organised and helped to protect the rape industry in Rotherham has raped at least one Asian girl (age 12)
    An Asian woman who is a local Labour party official confided to another member that the community is scared for their girls too, but don’t speak out for fear of reprisals against their families in Mirpur.


    • Just to clarify, I don’t know if the last woman mentioned is still a Labour party official. At the time she held an office in one of the ward parties. She no longer speaks to my source as she seems to have been threatened, like many others in the party. She also confirmed that there had been “Asian only” ward meetings. Something known to the local councillor, who however denied all knowledge, perhaps because of the threats I know they received from the pro-rape tendency in the party.


  3. How come you are saying all this and that but knowing what can be done by law but not by south Yorkshire Police they helped cover up everything from the start .There must be some were in government to go as they are M P and must be accountable for there action.


  4. I find Kevin Barron a total waste of time. I asked for help from him to clear the allotment site in Dinnington (it’s less than a minute from his office) 12 months before the murder took place there and he totally fobbed me off. A group of us went to see him about getting the Police station reopened, so far nothing out of him again.


  5. Well Tim he thought he was in till 2020
    Now he has do it all over again so try him now and he will have full litter pick
    Arranged by his faithful labour followers
    But on the police remember they won’t meet him so he says


    • With a Labour PCC, Chief Constable and allegedly the leaders of every local authority in South Yorks on speed dial, did Sir Kevin Barron, PC, really say the police wouldn’t meet him?
      It sounds unbelievable….until you remember neither his brother, his daughter, or anyone else in a position to know, ever mentioned CSE to him.
      Time for the old boy to step down, ride off into the Derbyshire sunset and reflect on the questions he would and should have asked, had he been bright enough to read the runes.


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  7. Good summary of a dreadful situation
    Same throughout the grooming heartlands of the North and Midlands

    In the West Midlands the local press ran(thanks to FOI) a series of articles on grooming in Birmingham and the Black Country – which got nowhere because of the usual Labour omerta.
    Normally the very gobby Jess Phillips MP for Birmingham Yardley has a lot to say, she famously opined that the mass sexual assaults in Cologne were really nothing exceptional, just like Broad St, Brum on any Saturday night she said. But when her own constituency is identified as a grooming hot spot, not a word passes her lips.

    But many people would never consider voting Tory, UKIP have pretty much imploded, so everybody knows that all these despicable representatives of a truly despicable political party are going to be returned – with the assistance of course of the bloc postal vote. And as Prof Jay said

    “she believes the Labour-dominated council turned a blind eye to the problem because of “their desire to accommodate a community that would be expected to vote Labour, to not rock the boat, to keep a lid on it, to hope it would go away.”



    • Ah, Jess Phillips who claimed to have hundreds of rape threats. Turned out she had had a single guy who said “I wouldn’t even rape you”.
      As for Cologne and the other cities that mirrored it Jess is just one of a long line of feminists who become rape apologists as soon as the perps are not white.
      Remember if you deny rape culture on college campuses you are a misogynist. If you suspect there might be one amongst our local Mirpuri community you are a racist.


  8. I have nothing but praise for Sir kevin baron .he has supported me and helped me so much recently after the death of my husband and believed fraud issues by the Yorkshire bank .he believed me from the start and I don’t think it would ever have been sorted without his help .


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