Liberal Democrats announce Rotherham candidates


Embargo: 25/04/17
Contact: Adam Carter 07490 921955

Liberal Democrats announce Rotherham candidates

Rotherham Liberal Democrats have announced their candidates to fight the general election. The party now have 100,000 members, the most since the 2003 Iraq war.

The party is leading the way by standing more female candidates in Rotherham.

Former local head teacher Janice Middleton is standing in Wentworth and Dearne. Janice is a key member of the local community, working in two community groups in Wentworth village.

Katie Pruszynski, a full time mum and former communications adviser is standing in Rother Valley.

Local councillor Dr Adam Carter is standing in Rotherham, after local residents in Brinsworth asked him to stand.

Adam said: “This election is a choice between a hard-working person who lives in Rotherham who will put our town first, or one of Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle. I do hope residents will vote for something different this time.

“I’m not a career politician but I care passionately about Rotherham, the place I’ve made my home. Our town has been taken for granted for so long, we need change.”


Notes to editors:
Katie Pruszynski is standing in Rother Valley.
Dr Adam Carter is standing in Rotherham.
Janice Middleton is standing in Wentworth and Dearne.

Lib Dems announce Rotherham General Election candidates

The Liberal Democrats have revealed their three parliamentary candidates for the Rotherham area.

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3 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats announce Rotherham candidates

  1. Here is a real chance to get rid of the terrible two – Healey & Barron ! Just vote for any alternative candidate, UKIP or LibDem, for the chance of unseating this pair ! They are both well past their respective “sell by” dates and need to get out into the real world and do some real work for their wages.


  2. Well if it’s a choice between UKIP and Lib Dems UKIP get my vote Tim Farron is the most abnoxious remoaner i have ever seen. As well as the Lib Dems wanting to remain in Europe so did all of our local Labour sitting MP’s non of them listened to their electorate and the only way i would ever have considered voting Labour is if they had replaced Saint Sarah with a Brexiteer candidate that would have been a truer representation of the electorate in Rotherham.
    Sorry !! UKIP get my tactical vote.


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