Yorkshire Party reveals General Election candidate for Rotherham

Mick Bower will try to win the Rotherham parliamentary seat for the Yorkshire Party.

Mr Bower, who was born in the town, is a former teacher who has also worked in sports journalism and road safety.

He stood for election to Rotherham Council in May last year for the party then known as Yorkshire First, beating a Labour candidate but ultimately failing to win a seat in the Sitwell ward.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/video-yorkshire-party-reveals-general-election-candidate-for-rotherham-1-8510620

See: The Yorkshire Party

8 thoughts on “Yorkshire Party reveals General Election candidate for Rotherham

  1. Having just watched this man’s video, delivered in his faux Brian Glover voice, it is difficult to take his claims seriously.

    A quick google throws up more questions than answers.

    He claims he was a former teacher:
    • Where did he do his teacher-training qualification?
    • Which schools did he teach at?
    • What was his subject?
    • Why did he stop teaching?
    • When was the alphabet reduced to 25 letters? [The letter H seems to have been removed from his vocabulary.]

    He claims to be have been a sports journalist.
    • Other than a self-published book and blogs about Mixed Martial Arts, where did he earn a living from journalism?

    He claims to have worked in road safety.
    • Was this limited to waving a school-crossing lollipop or what?


    • Janet, it’s unfortunate that you choose to judge someone negatively because they speak in the Yorkshire dialect. I know Mick Bower and he’s a decent fella; he taught my kids at Oakwood and was a good teacher, despite speaking like someone who comes from Rotherham. In fact, now you’ve mentioned the way he speaks, I think he was to blame for the fact that they now speak like they come from Rotherham.

      I’m not sure what the Yorkshire party’s policies are and their website doesn’t give much away but I wish Mick well in the election and hope he comes second.


  2. Hi Janet.

    Great to get fan mail so early in the campaign.

    I qualified as an English teacher at London Metropolitan University- with stints at schools in East London. I then returned to Rotherham and worked at Oakwood (the school I attended as a kid).

    I worked as a freelance journalist for a decade. It may surprise you to find out that blogs actually pay people these days. I was also a regular feature writer for a number of major magazines and provided news content on contract for a number of outlets.

    As for the way I talk- it’s the way I talk.

    I look forward to your scrutiny of all the other candidates. Please come and say hello if you see me out and about during the campign and I’ll be glad to help you with any further questions you have.


    • Thank you for your response and answers to my questions.
      I will certainly speak to you if I see you out and about during the campaign.
      I have no problem or issue with dialect at all, but that shouldn’t stop teachers from remembering that there is an ‘h’ at the beginning of many words. [I still have a note pushed through my door advising that ‘yor edge needs cutting. Can I do it for you?’]


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