Back at the ballot box in the Dearne and the Don

ALL EYES may be trained on June 8’s General Election, but Dearne and Don voters will be back at the ballot box sooner, with council elections taking place next week.

Four wards in the Weekender area are up for grabs next Thursday, May 4, with three seats on offer in each.

The list of candidates contains a mix of newcomers and established figures.
In Mexborough, the incumbent Mexborough First councillors are standing again under the party name or description “Working for Mexborough, the forgotten town”, as former Labour councillors Sue Phillips and Tracey-Leyland battle to get back in.

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Doncaster mayoral election candidates tell you why you should vote for them

Doncaster goes to the polls next month to elect the mayor who will run the borough. It will be the fifth time voters have elected a mayor, in a system that replaced the previous council leader system in 2002.

This year there will be six candidates fighting for your vote – and today we lift the lid on their plans.

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