UKIP leader Nuttall to stand in election

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has confirmed he will stand as a candidate at the general election.

He told LBC Radio he would announce which constituency he was contesting within the next 48 hours.

Mr Nuttall, who sits in the European Parliament, had previously suggested he might not stand in 8 June’s contest, saying UKIP leaders had done well outside the Commons.

He failed to beat Labour at a by-election in Stoke-on-Trent last month.

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Paul Nuttall: Ukip will be ‘ruthless’ in target seats

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has denied suggestions that the Tories Hard Brexit agenda has undermined his party’s hold on heartlands in the North, as he reveals he is prepared to be “ruthless” in his efforts to target prospective seats.

Speaking to the Yorkshire post following the launch of Ukip’s 2017 manifesto, the North West MEP admitted that party was guilty of a “scattergun”approach in 2015, but would not make the same mistake this time round.

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General election 2017: UKIP needed to stop Brexit ‘backsliding’

Paul Nuttall has said Brexit is a “job half done” and UKIP MPs are needed to “see this through to the end” as he launches his party’s election campaign.

Mr Nuttall accused the prime minister of “backsliding” on immigration and said a “whopping Conservative majority” would “put Brexit in peril”.

UKIP would fight seats across “the vast majority of the country” but would stand not against some pro-Brexit MPs.

The party won 3.9m votes in 2015 which resulted in only one seat.

Mr Nuttall said ditching the “antiquated” and “unfair” first-past-the-post voting system would be among “radical” domestic policies in a “fully-costed” manifesto which would show UKIP was not just about Brexit.

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2 thoughts on “UKIP leader Nuttall to stand in election

  1. My biggest concern is who will be representing me in Rothervalley. Lately UKIP have gone off the boil, but I don’t trust Theresa May with a big majority and no UKIP fox’s in the Tory henhouse.


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