Forest fraudster loses his appeal over jail sentence

Fraudster, 29, who was handed £100,000 to found a forest but didn’t plant a single tree and instead enjoyed holidays around the world loses his appeal over jail sentence

  • Pritesh Ladwa, 29, took a £100,000 grant to plant a forest at Orgreave colliery
  • The entrepreneur claimed he had begun the planting process, proving to be a lie
  • Birmingham crown court found he made no attempt to fulfil his obligations 
  • Ladwa, of Yardley, Birmingham, was convicted of fraud and jailed for 27 months

A fraudster who took almost £100,000 to start a forest but didn’t plant a single tree has lost his appeal against a 27-month jail sentence.

Pritesh Ladwa, 29, lived a champagne lifestyle and has been pictured at glamorous locations around the world on social media.

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Fraudster jailed over Waverley tree scam

Nearly £100,000 was meant to help create new woodland at the Waverley development in Rotherham but when it turned out that not a single tree had been planted, the “entrepreneur” who secured the money was jailed for fraud. On the … Continue reading

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