Police warning issued over forced marriages in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has issued a warning about forced marriages in the county.

Dr Alan Billings spoke out after attending a conference on forced marriage in Sheffield, warning that they are ‘illegal’ and that South Yorkshire Police will ‘take action’ against those who ‘enable’ them to go ahead.

The PCC said: “We need to make a distinction between an arranged marriage – where families might introduce young people to one another – and a forced marriage, where someone is or feels compelled to marry another.

The law is clear – a marriage must be with the free consent of both parties.

Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-warning-issued-over-forced-marriages-in-south-yorkshire-1-8520773

3 thoughts on “Police warning issued over forced marriages in South Yorkshire

  1. A forced marriage, and therefore illegal, occurs whenever there is any coercion of any kind imposed against any party. Coercion can take many forms, cultural, religious and peer pressure, financial inducement, community isolation, threat of reprisal of any kind, claim of ensuing shame, etc – if any of these are used the enforcing parties are acting illegally. Should any attempt be made to ‘legalise’ the marriage through ‘consummation’, such an act would be, quite simply, rape. If complete free choice is not present then no marriage has taken place, as any piece of paper produced would have been produced fraudulently and is therefore void, and if voiced consent is induced at a religious ceremony then ‘ honest intent’ is not present, and therefore no marriage has taken place, despite the ceremonial illusion of legitimacy. Rape is rape, and forced marriage is rape – no excuses.


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