Moofy’s Midlands manoeuvring: More questions than answers.

So, according to Andrew Gilligan (Sunday Times 30th April 2017), Mahroof Hussain has pitched up in the West Midlands to lend a hand to Sion Simon the Labour candidate in the mayoral contest. But should anyone really be surprised that one of Rotherham’s former movers and shakers has decided to

move it and shake it in another town where he is, ahem, a less familiar face?

Given everything that is known about former Councillor Hussain, it’s a fair assumption that any ‘get out the vote’ campaign he may be organising would target the Pakistani community, and that the boys of the biraderi will be out doing their work, effectively disenfranchising many within their own community. But all of this does raise some interesting questions.

Has Hussain relocated to the West Midlands with aspirations of relaunching his political career perhaps? And what of any quid pro quo? Some might be wondering whether promises have been made to Hussain for services rendered. Assuming Simon wins, of course. A job for Hussain in Simon’s office perhaps?

Maybe something to do with community cohesion? Or a shoe in to stand as a Labour Councillor in one of Birmingham’s inner city wards next time around? Or maybe it’s all about blind eyes? But then again, it’s always possible that Hussain is simply helping Simon out of the goodness of his heart. And that Simon is blissfully unaware of Hussain’s less than glorious career to date. Stranger things have happened.

It’s also interesting that Gilligan describes Sion Simon as a ‘committed European’. Simon already has a job as an MEP, which rather begs the question: Why isn’t he doing it, instead of attempting to carve out a nice little number for himself back in Blighty before Brexit? Someone more cynical than me might suggest that Simon has an over-developed sense of entitlement, and that his only real commitment is to his own status and pay cheque.


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