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Steve Webster

3rd May 2017

Press Release.

During the branch meeting last night 2nd May 2017 myself and other committee members resigned from our posts.

For me this has taken a few months to come to my conclusion and have released the following statement.


I Echo the words of my colleagues and friends having been in a local activist for some years now, the former election agent for Jane Collins UKIP MEP in her 2015 general election and also local campaigns organiser with success in local council elections. I am also not happy with the party’s current direction because the party is fast becoming like any other mainstream party, and the petty infighting, always in the media highlight for the wrong reasons has caused the party to split down the middle, making it look unprofessional therefore making it unelectable to the public. There is to much power at the top of UKIP, and members, branches and activists are not receiving enough credit, help or airtime at present the party is failing to sell its policies if branches and party members don’t know our political path how would the voting public know. Parachuting Paul Nuttall into Stoke so early into his leadership was in my opinion a huge mistake. The party should have chosen a local candidate.

Over past 12 months we have heard nothing with regards to policy or re-branding with a message delivered via email from the party chairman that this would be happening in September this year, but with local elections this week up and down the country and also the calling of the snap election from the Prime Minister which the party should have been ready for is little to late.

We have heard Many times stick with us… Last week we introduced a new Integration agenda policy creating a new path and future for the party, but with the blocking of Ann Marie Waters standing as Parlimentary candidate for the party and lack of thought into the new policy ideas and now almost shelving the Integration agenda policy with a Ban the TV licence and no Tax on Fish and Chips policies I don’t feel that these are party election winners and people I have had conversations with feel that UKIP are becoming just another mainstream party with watered down policies.

So what is UKIPs path Nationally and Locally after Brexit?

No one truley knows… and for that, I feel I can no longer give my time to something that has now been lost by the professional way the party is run by it’s Leaders. I have decided that I now need to take a step back a while and concentrate on my family that need me now more than ever, those who have supported me in what I wanted to achieve locally and have got left behind in the process.

I, therefore, give my notice of resignation of Vice-chair of UKIP Rotherham as I can’t bring myself to support a party that is always back sliding with a lack of political future.

I wish all my frinds well in the future and I thank them all for the support you’ve all given me in the past, but my mind is made up

PS… My fight still goes on personally with the council and I will still be fighting locally and nationally for the rights of the most vulnerable and disabled that are being let down having to injure ridicule at every level and face cuts to their most needed benefits and locally I feel that those in charge during the Rotherham CSE sacndal still need to be held to account with unanswered questions.. I can achieve this more by being more outspoken with no political party rules to abide by and with no label attached to my name. I won’t be joining any other political party unless one comes along with the idea of changing British politics for the better, putting British people first most of all, something UKIP should have jumped on after Brexit.

Steve Webster. Former UKIP Rotherham Vice-Chairman & Campaign co-ordinator.

18 thoughts on “News of UKIP Rotherham

    • He had a half decent election in Barnsley central 2015 in an extremely safe Labour seat, against Dan Jarvis who is well respected. As for Dinnington’s local election I voted for one of the Independents, not UKIP. If you add Independents and UKIP that trounces Labour support in Dinnington and most other places. Barron maybe in for a nasty shock as 68% voted for leaving the EU, while he was heavily for it.


  1. Looks like someone has stood up to these buffoons who clearly think they are far more important than either the party, local branch and UKIP councillors. How wrong they have been shown to be.

    The two statements above speak volumes about just how much they are smarting from being thwarted. Pity everyone has had to wait so long.

    One thing is for sure, UKIP has now got all the evidence it needs to deal with these jokers and airbrush them out for good. The local branch (and UKIP) can only grow and be healthy as a result.


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  3. Incywincy seems to have got it about right. Yesterday’s men always find excuses for their own failure then think people want to listen to them. It’s time they realised people are not interested in failures. If Mr Vines was such a great leader and such a great councillor he would have been re-elected, but he was not. I think this says it all, about as popular as a rash, inside and outside the branch. There will be many pleased to hear the news of his departure and that they can return without fear of being shouted down every time they want to say anything. Like many politicians Mr Vines is big on ego and low on capability. Perhaps he might like to reflect on that.


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  6. Precisely Ms Green, what about his judgement, is anyone aware if he ever showed any judgement. He made a lot of noise and produced a so called alternative budget to do with putting more flowers around the town when there are vital services that need funds. I am told the labour group are still laughing about it.
    I watched this year and it was far more relevant, to do with holding labour to account on their budget as there was no spare cash anywhere for any alternative.


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