UKIP dying in Rotherham

UKIP dying in Rotherham

Responding to reports that Rotherham UKIP’s branch chairman and campaigner manager have resigned the party, Liberal Democrat Councillor Adam Carter says:

“These key activists leaving the party show that UKIP is dying in Rotherham. The people of Rotherham deserve better than this. We need a strong opposition to hold Corbyn’s Labour to account.”

“UKIP have shown they are not up to the task. They shockingly voted for Labour’s budget.”

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party locally that are prepared to work hard for the people of Rotherham. Our town needs real change to make our town a better place to live and only the Liberal Democrats can do that.”

Adam Carter

Contact: Adam Carter 07490 921955

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33 thoughts on “UKIP dying in Rotherham

  1. Rotherham UKIP has rid itself of a tyrant that is true, and many will be relieved. it is certainly not cause fir the libdems to celebrate. UKIP Rotherham will go and thrive as a result of this action, it is only the timing that is unfortunate designed to try to create maximum damage, but it will fail as all these do. The old adage remains true, today’s headlines are tomorrow’s fish and chip paper, and so it will be with passing of Mr Vines.
    Now a few words on the libdem performance since his arrival. His leaflets were full of things he was to deliver, a new school, a refurbished library… Well after his 100 days in office where are these things? Next his performance, this is a councillor who holds a surgery once a month and leaves all the local case work to the other two. Harder to find than the pimpernel so the people of Brinsworth now claim.
    Nationally, and the people of Rotherham need to know this, their current leader voted for the bedroom tax, for cuts to council spending and for the EU referendum and has not stopped crying since he lost that one. Recently he has been proclaiming his belief in gay sex, it seems he will say anything for a few seats in parliament. Did they not teach him about Judas at his Bible classes. Of course we will never forget before the cock crowed three times Mr Clegg had voted for not one, not two, but three increases in tuition fees.
    It seems all doctors who are hopeless as doctors want to become politicians, there a couple in parliament at the current time. But the message to this doctor is that he will not be joining them and his time in Brinsworth will be short lived. Don’t give up the day job.


    • “Rotherham UKIP has rid itself of a tyrant…”

      Who is this tyrant? Name him!

      I’ve only read about people resigning from UKIP, not about UKIP doing the ridding.
      So, who did what and to whom and why?

      Further, I don’t think there are any doctors who are in parliament at the moment. The last parliament has ended and the next will not commence until after the general election.

      But, unless you have some very good evidence, I think that asserting that each and every doctor who becomes an MP is a ‘hopeless doctor’ could lead you into all sorts of expensive difficulty. [That Mr Vines can tell you all about it, but don’t rely on him for legal advice.]


      • Hi Janet
        Until parliament ended yesterday there were at least two medical doctors who were MPs. The Labour MP for Tooting who won the byelection following Sadiq Khan’s election as Mayor of London, and Dan Poulter, who represented Central Suffolk and North Ipswich for the Tories. And then there’s Liam Fox……..


        • That was yesterday!

          Today there are no doctors in the House of Commons.

          You mean Rosena Allin-Khan. However, you’ve also forgotten Sarah Wollaston (Chair, Health Select Committee), Philip Lee, Alasdair McDonnell, and Andrew Murrison. There may be more.

          I cannot believe that Achilles is asserting that they are all hopeless as doctors, is he?

          As far as I can see, all of them (except perhaps Liam Fox) actively keep their hand in (as they say).

          I rather suspect that m’learned friends will be knocking on Achilles’ door if he isn’t careful.


    • So, Achilles claims Clr Carter is not working locally. Well, how many councillors from Brinsworth bothered to turn up for the council budget meeting, or stood up against the unfair council tax rises – one and that was Clr Carter !


    • O stranger things have happened.

      I seem to recall that the pollsters assessed that, in the UK SW region, 50% of the people who voted UKIP in the 2004 EU election then went and voted Liberal Democrat in the 2005 UK general election.

      Fickle or what?


    • Tim,
      I think the 68% you quote refers to the borough of Rotherham, not to the parliamentary constituency of Rother Valley.
      The Official Results for the region were published on the site:

      Click to access Rotherham%20voting%20area%20totals.pdf

      and never broken down by parliamentary constituency.
      (The linky from
      to the Leeds site is broken, but a search for “EU referendum” on the Leeds site brings up all the published figures.
      As for your question:
      Perhaps many people who voted to leave the EU in the Referendum have changed their mind – having seen the utterly negative potential consequences of Brexit.
      Perhaps – as it is for me – “anyone but Kevin”, even tho’ like me he voted to Remain in the EU.
      … and as we see from yesterday’s local election UKIP is being rejected nationally.
      Assuming your 68% figure is anywhere near accurate, the 32% who voted Remain will make up a significant vote in the Parliamentary Election.


        • I was at the Sheffield count, it was an education. Would have liked to have done the same for the Sheffield election results. Saw polar opposites on the tables as was overseeing the count on Park and Arbourthorne versus Walkley. Cheers Tim


        • “More people than ever want Brexit to happen and all the experts were wrong about the consequences. The more we Brexit, the stronger the economy will get. ”
          Some experts were wrong.
          But all the signs I have seen are of a car crash waiting to happen, and we’ve seen nothing yet.
          I have lived all over mainland Europe, worked for 3 EU institutions (but not the Commission), and had a couple of fights with the Commission, My ex (and best friend) is working on 3 EU funded contracts now – all involving access to Higher Education for people with Disability, and all worthwhile.
          Whilst at Universities in UK, our son was paying fees and living expenses, in Germany on an Erasmus EU funded year at Bremen uni, he had a full grant.
          My Granddaughter was planning to go to very low cost Amsterdam Frie uni, but the uncertainty of the coming Brexit made it impossible, she is borrowing over £9k to go to a university in UK.

          Now remind me, what do we gain from Brexit? A currency falling through the floor?


        • We were told that if we didn’t join the Euro there would be a massive downturn. We are becoming the strongest economy in Europe and that will grow as we remove ourselves from the shackles of the EU. The EU is as flawed as the claim man is driving climate change. I could have told you that Agw wasn’t true back in 2006, which means I was years ahead of the so called experts and it proves you don’t need a degree or go to University to be intelligent. In fact give me somebody educated in the University of life any day.


        • woopsie!
          I meant Amsterdam Vrije university (My written Dutch is hopeless!).


        • To Reg Reader see below

          YAWN…..spare us from the insights into your personal life…… we have lost count of how often you repeat yourself ………………and are losing the will to live.


        • tilch
          “…and are losing the will to live.”
          keep up the good work, Mr Troll.


  2. With the Tory government, and the Labour council pushing through government cuts, CSE etc, with UKIP crumbling, I can see some looking to the Lib Dems but, nationally they were happy to get into bed with the Tories for 5 years.


  3. Didn’t that happen here in Brinsworth it was rumoured that in may 2016 Brinsworth voted in a UKIP Councillor some one called Simpson but I don’t know any one who has ever seen him or really know who he is here in Brinsworth
    We see more of Homer Simpson than this guy no wonder The Lib dems ran away with the by-election
    Chose what kind of Doctor Cllr Carter is or is not at least we know who he is in Brinsworth
    And he does turn up to the Town Hall to vote against the ruling Labour Party
    So who is UKIPs representative in Brinsworth is he called Simpson or the pimpernal
    We seek him here we seek him their but we can’t find him anyware
    And Achilles
    At least Mr Vines when he was on the Council got on the chip paper so what ever people on here think of him
    He was always accessible and at least did try to bring some opposition to the Town Hall
    And was not afraid to challenge and for that at least I think he will be remembered longer than that
    And certainly longer than the invisible UKIP Cllr Simpson


    • Is this Brinsworth and Catcliffe Nigel Simpson guy supposed to be a UKIP councillor?
      Looking at his Facebook page he has listed himself as an “Independent Rotherham Councillor for all people of Brinsworth Catcliffe Waverley” with no mention of UKIP whatsoever.
      No wonder people don’t know who he is in Brinsworth it looks like he doesn’t know who he is and belongs to himself by the looks of it.


  4. The Lidbem guy is right to say that the opposition councillors voted for the council budget I thought they were the opposition, are they not meant to oppose and put an alternative budget together, this speaks volumes about how the opposition UKIP councillors work.
    There might as well be no opposition in the chamber you only ever hear their Leader Councillor Cowles speak, nothing is ever opposed, nothing has been questioned, have they any back bone. Some of the UKIP opposition councillors don’t even turn up for the one most important monthly meeting.
    Achilles says UKIP have got rid of a tyrant, strong words, but I remember when Mr Vines was in Chamber he was always shouting the Labour party down he opposed the budget when he was UKIP opposition leader putting in a motion for an alternative budget although it got voted out.
    Reading Mr Vines resignation, if I was a councillor in Chamber now I would be worried about him being on their backs, has Mr Vines says himself he will now again be a Independent political activist and try and bring back scrutiny and challenge to Rotherham chamber being free from all political constraints. Something that has been lost since Mr Vines lost his seat. Sounds to me he’s on a mission and I don’t blame him.
    Looking at the results from the council local elections up and down the country UKIP has lost all seats contested were will this leave UKIP in 2020 all out Rotherham elections, if their performance in the chamber is to go by then time will be up.


    • ‘Shouting the Labour councillors down?’ Hardly, ‘grown up’ behaviour, nor does it demonstrate the vital skills, techniques and attributes needed to challenge an opposition effectively.
      More like the playground behaviour of a spoilt infant. Now let me think, just what did he achieve? Oh yeah, he lost his seat and the opposition would simply laugh at him and poke fun. They would hardly be ‘worried about him being on their backs’. Watch the webcasts.
      By the way just where are the three UKIP Parliamentary candidates for the General Election next month? After all, that was the job he always clung onto. Pity it wasn’t prised from his little stubby hands before now.


    • The jnr. Doctor works outside Rotherham and only rents a house in Brinsworth.
      The Council budget he complained about is all but decided before the full council approves Cllr Carter has now complained the council is not spending enough!


    • I have no idea who the Torys are putting up,
      If they do leave it to UKIP then Barron will get in again. UKIP is now an irrelevance and in terminal decline.
      Lat time round in 2015, Barron would have been out if the Right/far Right (Tory/UKIP) vote hadn’t been split.
      Us Remainers (33% 0f the local electorate) will hopefully all be voting LibDem.



      • I have actually spoken to the UKIP candidate. Local man from Maltby who does a real job at an Aerospace company in Barnsley. I may put a peg on my nose and vote Tory if I thought the candidate was half decent and came from the constituency. I will now talk to the Tory if he appears and find out if he is a Liberal remainer or not. If the Tories decide not to field a candidate, this leaves the door open for people to vote for a real person to represent us and get us out of Europe. After the election UKIP will either be rebranded or a new party will be formed. Arron banks is talking about a centre right party that wants direct democracy and other revolutionary powers. Arron has talked about renationalising certain industries. The Tories and Labour will never agree to proportional representation or direct democracy, they are parties of the past. Cheers Tim


  5. My bet is UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall will resign so he does not have to now stand in Boston
    I think any candidate standing for UKIP would be likened to a kamakazy pilot
    The campaign could be likened to the charge of the light brigade into the valley of death rode the 600


  6. Why is it that of all the political parties, including Labour, UKIP is the most disorganised. Before Nigel they changed leaders every year, after Nigel its more of the same. (occasionally leadership contenders get punched in the head too, allegedly)
    Without him at the helm UKIP seems to be a circus of individuals all following their own agenda and pulling in opposite directions at both national and local level.
    The nationalists north of the border dont seem to have this problem.


    • Equally why did it stay together under Nigel? Hardly a natural leader.

      From the FT:
      Nigel Farage’s pinstriped image belies modest City career
      He was a natural-born salesman,” recalls Alex Heath, a fellow broker. “Setting up on your own requires backing and it requires people who believe in you and Nigel is very good at getting people to believe in him.


  7. After reading the articles in both the Yorkshire post and Rotherham Advertiser on the UKIP Rotherham’s branch chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer all resigning this week, citing dissatisfaction with Ukip’s direction and the performance of Nuttall. seems to have been timed correctly. The comments about the party “being lions led by sheep and lacking clear leadership and direction” has summed today’s UKIP dreadful local council election defeat infact UKIP has had the worst Night since the Party was Established.
    Since the referendum UKIP seem to have been a rudderless ship, lacking vision and strong leadership. I can see no sign of changes in the future that will inspire the party foot soldiers let alone voters.
    I also have to disagree with the UKIP opposition Leaders comments Cllr Cowles about Caven being “inconsiderate” why by resigning from a party that he sees has having no future and lacking leadership inconsiderate? it seems that the timing was the right call on their part, sounds like someone has thrown his toys out of his pram to me, maybe he can point the finger and blame them if everything goes wrong in the General Election and all out elections in 2020.

    Let’s take a look at the losses in UKIP.

    UKIP have LOST ALL seats in the following council’s:
    10 seats in Linconshire, 8 seats in Hampshire, 6 seats in Essex with losess also in Norfolk, in the Isle of White, in Wales and in Cambridgeshire.

    UKIP now have less councillors than the Green Party overall.
    Even the English Democrats polled higher than UKIP in Manchester.
    They lost 144 seats winning only 1 in Burnley, Lancashire overall.

    The party should call an Emergancy meeting and oust the leader Paul Nuttall his remarks on reforming and uniting the party have failed and with the losses of all council seats on Lincolnshire council where he is to stand in the General Election in June doesn’t look like he will be an MP on his 6th attempt.

    It’s only MP Carswell who stood down saying that “UKIP delivered BREXIT JOB DONE” comments may be ringing true. Carswell just might be the only MP that the party had and will ever have.


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