Jones secures second term as Doncaster mayor

LABOUR’S Ros Jones has given Labour an election lift after securing a second term as Doncaster’s elected mayor.

Mrs Jones won after a single round of counting, her 50.92 per cent of the vote removing the need for second preferences to be taken into account.

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The complete results were:

George Jabbour (Conservative) 13,575 Ros Jones (Labour) 32,631 Eddie Todd 5,344
Chris Whitwood (Yorkshire) 3,235 Steve Williams (TUSC) 1,531

Ros Jones secures second term as Mayor of Doncaster

LABOUR’S Ros Jones has been re-elected Mayor of Doncaster after receiveing more than half of the first preference votes.

Ms Jones secured 32,631 votes, with no second preferences required as she took 50.9% of the vote in the first round.

She has been Doncaster’s elected mayor since 2013, with seven years as local councillor for the Askern Spa ward.

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