YP Comment: May boosted by Ukip’s collapse

TWENTY FIVE years after the political right-wing started fragmenting over Europe and brought John Major’s government to its knees, how ironic that Theresa May is now able to reunite the Conservative Party on the back of Brexit – the most divisive policy issue of all.

This is the clearcut conclusion which can be drawn from Thursday’s election results which more than vindicated the Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap election on June 8 to strengthen her Commons majority.

Though the Conservatives made significant gains from each of its rivals, the collapse of a now chaotic Ukip – the party that orchestrated Britain’s exit from the EU – has the most far-reaching consequences.

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Boost for Theresa May as Labour suffers losses and UKIP crumbles at local polls

Theresa May’s hopes of a General Election victory on June 8 have been boosted after local contests showed Labour suffering losses and the Ukip vote collapsing.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/politics/general-election/boost-for-theresa-may-as-labour-suffers-losses-and-ukip-crumbles-at-local-polls-1-8528046

2 thoughts on “YP Comment: May boosted by Ukip’s collapse

  1. I won’t be supporting a Tory parachuted into Rother Valley. I will be supporting Lee James Hunter of UKIP. We need a real person representing us, who understands our issues. I have absolutely no faith in Kevin Barron, the MP who supported remain in a constituency who voted to leave the EU by 67%.


  2. Yes I totally agree with you Tim I may have resigned from UKIP but Lee is a local hardworking guy
    And will do his best to represent the people
    I have never supported people being parachuted into positions that is one of my reasons among others for packing it in
    But a most of the local people in UKIP have best interest of the community at heart
    I wish Lee well with his campaign but fear UKIP HQ leaders have let him and many more down


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