Lee James Hunter UKIP for Rother Valley

Lee James Hunter is your UKIP candidate for the Rother Valley constituency.  Lee works at ThyssenKrupp  Aerospace at Darton Barnsley.

Please keep coming back, as this site will be updated with more meaningful information.  Lee will be blogging on issues he wants to deal with.

16 Buckingham Way Maltby S66 7EA

From…. https://leejameshunterrothervalleyukip.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Lee James Hunter UKIP for Rother Valley

  1. Lee is a genuine working man who is committed to representing local people
    He is local and understands local issues
    I hope Lee does well people of Rother Valley
    Need a good genuine representative they have been taken for granted too long
    With self presivation I know nothing no one talks to me no one comes to my coffee mornings see me only at election time and I will ignor your wishes Barron


    • Hi Caven. It’s possible that the Tory could unseat Barron, if UKIP supporters switched allegiance to him. But from past experiences, the Tory won’t even live in Rothervalley and will be most likely nothing other than a paper candidate. I have had a long hard think about this and even with a peg on my nose I can’t vote Tory. I am an ex-Tory for good reasons, they are only pandering to UKIP’s core voters for votes. This is far more than Brexit, we need a fairer system of democracy in the UK and a balanced economy. Both the Tories and Labour have failed to balance the economy and they have had enough years to do so. I would say to the people of Rothervalley vote for a real person, doing a real job and let’s see real change in Parliament. As for Kevin Barron I find him a total waste of space and he was behind the remain campaign. There were flyers up in Kevins shop window on Lordens Hill rd at the time, which goes against 66.7% of people around here being leavers. Forget Kevin doing a Marathon, we have a chance to send him off on his bike. Cheers Tim


  2. All well spouting the Party line, but to get the votes, you need to tell the people on the streets of Rotherham, what you are going to do for them at a local level.
    Most voters are most responsive to issues that directly affect their day to day lives. Tell them what you will do for THEM, not the country


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