Neil Wilby – A cuckoo in the nest?

Another brilliant piece from Neil Wilby.

Scroll down for the Crompton material it will make you wince.

A cuckoo in the nest?

For the second time in just over a month, two days spent in the austere halls of Royal Courts of Justice gave further, and, at times, quite remarkable, insight into the inner workings of five different policing bodies: The Police Federation, a police force Misconduct Panel, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, a Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC’s) office and the Chief Police Officers Staff Association (CPOSA).

The two cases are both pathfinding judicial review claims, and the issues that fell to be determined by senior judges will have far reaching implications for both the police service and the wider public. One hearing was very much low key, the other attracted wide media coverage due, in the main, to the presence in court of three high profile policing figures, almost obsessive references to an even higher profile MP (Andy Burnham) and the backdrop of the scandal surrounding the Hillsborough Disaster cover-up by South Yorkshire Police.

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4 thoughts on “Neil Wilby – A cuckoo in the nest?

    • It is certainly true that the absolute police control of police incompetence and misconduct, including criminal conduct by police, at all levels is grossly corrupt. Based on the recent IPCC acknowledgement that the police conduct watchdog had misunderstood the law the very best you could say of police misconduct investigations is that they are incompetent.
      But the issue at the heart of the Crompton dismissal is not whether the former CC was incompetent or eroded public confidence, but whether PCC Billings is competent and whether the grounds he submitted to CC Crompton and the SYPCP were reasonable (and in compliance with statute). If he did not provide valid grounds for dismissal at the relevant time then the matter of Crompton’s uselessness and all the reasons why he SHOULD have been dismissed are irrelevant.


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