Jan Zeber: Scrap HS2 to pay for new police – and reduce burden of tax

IT was not Diane Abbott’s best performance on her now infamous LBC interview, as it became abundantly clear that Labour’s plans to fund 10,000 extra police officers out of increases in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) had been given very little thought by anyone.

This is not unlike their pledges on NHS funding or reducing class sizes, on which nobody in the Labour Party is able to put a number, other than a generic soundbite about cracking down on tax avoidance.

But the Conservative Party’s response was disappointing too. Home Secretary Amber Rudd simply said that that ‘they’ve spent that money already’. There was no attempt to slam Labour over calling for tax rises, or to consider the benefits of lowering or simplifying CGT in and of itself, such as the positive impact on the level of savings and investment as well as reducing distortion in the capital markets created by the influence of tax advantages on asset prices.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/jan-zeber-scrap-hs2-to-pay-for-new-police-and-reduce-burden-of-tax-1-8531166


2 thoughts on “Jan Zeber: Scrap HS2 to pay for new police – and reduce burden of tax

  1. Rotherham, Sheffield and South Yorkshire needs SY2 direct express with electrification to London and airports that would compete with HS2 and use the spare cash for NHS and Police.


    • What is SY2?
      But yes, full electrification on the line from Sheffield to St Pancras would be very helpful, as would a fast line from Sheffield to Manchester and its airport.

      (The author of the piece has only recently completed his Law Masters at LSE, and is in his first “real” job, with the Taxpayers Alliance.)


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