3 thoughts on “Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures May 4-5th

  1. I think we can take as read that once the election is over Corbyn and his acolytes will blame the
    Murdoch Press/Right Wing Media and the Biased BBC for their failure.
    Nothing to do with a Shadow Chancellor who promotes Marxist economics or a Shadow Home Secretary who blamed Leave voters as ‘racist’-No change there-and has not got a clue about the costs of Labour’s election pledges and a Leader who is a refugee from the 70’s?
    Combined with a Shadow Foreign Secretary who did not know the names of two foreign politicians when asked and accused the broadcaster of ‘pub quiz politics’ and ‘sexism’.

    The Labour party is Undisciplined, Unclear and Unelectable.


    • “The Labour party is Undisciplined, Unclear and Unelectable”. … and how would you describe the Tories?
      Strange that a YouGov poll of only a year ago (26 April 2016) had Labour on 33%, Tories on 30% and UKIP on 20%!!
      What a difference a year makes.
      (Best always to look at a range of polls, rather than just one.)


  2. @rr
    ‘and how would you describe the Tories?’
    20 points ahead at the moment.
    I did not write nor infer the Tories were perfect-they’re not-however Britain has never elected a hard left/Marxist ideological government and I suspect even the most ardent Labour supporters must have cringed at the car crash interviews given by Abbott and Thornberry.
    I take my information about polling from http://www.electionpolling.co.uk/polls/general-election
    which averages all the polls.


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