UKIP MEP could face bankruptcy after failing to pay damages to Rotherham MPs

UKIP MEP Jane Collins could face bankruptcy after she failed to pay damages to Rotherham’s three MPs over libellous remarks she made about the town’s child abuse scandal.

Ms Collins was ordered to pay £358,000 in damages and costs in February after being sued by Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion for libel and slander.

She appeared in court in Hull on Monday after failing to pay up.

Speaking after the hearing, a spokesman for Ms Collins said she could be made bankrupt if she cannot make the payments owed.

Read on…,ukip-mep-could-face-bankruptcy-after-failing-to-pay-damages-to-rotherham-mps_22526.htm

3 thoughts on “UKIP MEP could face bankruptcy after failing to pay damages to Rotherham MPs

  1. I thought they (the MP’s) were paying EVERYTHING they don’t get to Charity.
    It must have been the first time ever a defendant attends court for a discussion.

    My understanding is that a hearing had already been applied for and granted to assess Collins’ assets before Monday’s hearing.

    The saga continues into the election. June the 8th will be a big day for all.

    Would like yo know how much, if anything, the Labour Party has paid towards legal fees.


  2. Syp have also closed complaints re electoral fraud by Cavan Vines and Jane Collins.
    All documents should now be made available. STAND BY.


  3. “That MPs knew nothing of CSE”. I am convinced that Sir Kevin Baron was seen on TV saying words to the effect, that a family had approached him.
    I notice that whilst the Advertiser makes a splash of UKIPs problems, they keep quite of the ongoing investigation into the three MPs election expenses


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